OPI in Funny Bunny

I got my nails done yesterday afternoon and after having had mulberry nails for almost a month (yes, OPI's Gel Colour lasted that long!) I wanted something lighter and more reserved. I also prefer having gel colour or shellac taken off in a salon because it can be a pain to remove so I get the professionals to do it.

I also made a dream collage on polyvore about what I would love to wear with my new nails. I am a big fan of nautical themes so these earrings and bracelet from J.Crew go down a real treat. I would also add a raglan tee from Billabong, leather shorts from River Island, $5 sandals from Jay Jays and lucky last - the item I am craving the most at the moment: the Modalu Pippa bag. The brand Modalu was created by a Norwegian designer and shot to success around the Royal wedding when Kate's sister started wearing the bags and instantly, the Pippa was born. I love how classic the shape is whilst the gold detailing makes it a stand out bag. It is definitely on my birthday wishlist.
Here is how gorgeous OPI's Funny Bunny is. It is a white polish with a pink tinge and I can't get enough. I also like how square my nails are at the moment, I haven't had my nails this angled before. I think you can get away with longer nails when the colour is light although I prefer mine shorter when I have bold colours.

It feels really good to have lighter nails at the moment. Whilst I don't think my nails suffered any damage from the gel colour, I miss being able to change colours with ease so I'll be sticking to normal nail polish for a while. I do like having gel/shellac nails on holidays because it's easier to maintain and one less thing to worry about.

Which colour do you have on your nails at the moment?

Xx I


  1. I LOVE white or pale nail polishes...this looks so good on you!

    1. Thank you A, so do I:) Got to love it X

  2. Your nails look so good with this colour on them! OPI is so beautiful and shiny too :)
    Love the outfit you put together too, and those shoes - what a bargain!

    1. Thank you Donna! I have my eye on those anchor earrings and bracelet. So tempting X


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