New Years Snapshots

Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice celebration and that you got to see some stylish fireworks. We had a very fun celebration and we rung in 2013 in true style.
Oslo wasn't bringing the nice weather. It was pretty dark and gloomy.
I wore my hair in a donut bun and went for the matching
dress/scarf combo from H&M. Too easy!
We brought beautiful roses for our gracious NYE host.
There was also frantic activity in the kitchen. We had asparagus and ham for entree, baked turkey fillet with LOTS of veggies for dinner and were actually too full for dessert. It happens.
Excitedly awaiting 2013!
Yes, it takes three people to light one sparkler. It was quite windy and the matches needed help.
Happy 2013!
How did you celebrate NYE? Did you have a good time?

Xx I


  1. That all looks like so much fun Ingrid! And your complexion looks so flawless, seriously!! xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous, it was great fun! The complexion is thanks to the new BB cream from Rimmel, I can't take credit for it with my recent cake diet Xx

  2. I didn't do a whole lot - I worked the day of NYE so was pretty tired! Looks like you had fun though :) x

    1. We sure did! I have worked many times at NYE, I know the feeling. Usually you don't miss out on too much and it's nice to skip the hangover the next day;) x


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