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For the past week we have been living at a very special hotel, or as I call it Casa del Linn. My gorgeous friend has an amazing apartment and so many gorgeous arrangements. I simply had to share it with you.  We are currently having our last morning in Oslo before we go to Sydney later today. I look forward to re-emerging in the Southern Hemisphere for some sunshine and beach time.
This is a gorgeous perfume arrangement. So many amazing fragrances!
I spy a little Chanel, MJ and Chloe. Perfection!
Care for some After Eight?
My favourite - the lamp balloons. So pretty!
A gorgeous Cue dress!
Just half of the scarf collection. She has the best scarves. So much pretty!
Then there is the amazing candle/bird cage.
Travel guides + light reading before bed.
The apartment also has lots of natural light and gorgeous furniture + features. When the natural light is gone (thanks winter) we have been lighting lots of candles, it's so cozy. It has been such a fantastic stay and so nice to spend lots of time together. We even managed to see the Hobbit since it wasn't cancelled for the second time. I really liked it (especially the soundtrack) so I'll give it a five out of six. Had Orlando Bloom been in it I would have given a six for sure.

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration and I'll see you when I get to the land downunder!

Xx I


  1. So much pretty!! I love the lamp balloons & the bird candle cage, so adorable :)
    Safe travels back to Oz xox

    1. Isn't it amazing Donna? I love it all.

      Thank you, our trip went well X


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