Hello Darling's Discotheque

My OPI gel manicure from before Christmas is still going strong (despite travelling, long haul flights and lots of ocean swimming) and hasn't chipped on the top. I am getting a bit of re-growth so I thought I'd remove the Chanellification and add some sparkle.
I picked a gorgeous glitter shade from Hello Darling called Discotheque. It is so sparkly and fun!
This was such a quick nail-fix, I just painted the base of my nails with Discotheque and away we went. I wasn't concerned over getting it completely even, I like a bit of uniqueness per nail. 
I love the result and it is also nice to have some sparkle without the whole nail being covered. We all know removing sparkly polish can be a pain so it's best to avoid it if possible. 
The polish dried really quickly and I can't wait to see how it will sparkle in the sun. I am off to the beach soon in my new Roxy bikini, after all I have to make the most of my day off. It is also crazy to think that I've been back in Sydney for a week already, it's hard to believe how fast time flies.

Are you a sparkly fan?

Xx I


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera"


    Greetings from Italy


  2. That is a brilliant idea, it looks like a half moon mani but without the effort. Very impressed :)

    1. Thank you Emma, I am almost embarrassed at how easy it was to do. It's a great way to extend the life of a mani too X

  3. I can't believe how long your OPI gel manicure lasted...I must try this. Is it better than Shellac? Love the sparkly bits!

    1. It's crazy isn't it? I think it's better than Shellac because for me it lasted longer, was quicker to apply and there are SO many colours to choose from. In fact, there's almost too many colours available;) x


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