Get Your Glow on With the Pink Bronzing Rocks from 17

As part of my duty free shopping adventure at Heathrow airport on our way back from Oslo, I stopped at Boots for a couple of things. I managed to pick up some gorgeous pink bronzing rocks from 17 - which is another brand like No. 7 from Boots and it's aimed at the younger market. Whilst I'm not 17 anymore, I can't help my love for bronzer and I had to have them. I paid four pounds for them which is a little over $6 so it was a proper bargain too. I was also lucky enough to receive a gorgeous bronzing brush from Make Up Store from my bestie. I love the colour and the hairs are so soft. It's such a beautiful brush!
The bronzing rocks come in two shades, pink and bronze and they are stunning. I also like that it comes with a sponge pad to keep them in their place for travelling and handbag adventures. That way the rocks won't break.
The bronze rock is on the left and the pink rock is on the right. I think these shades would be perfect for a little bronzer on the eye lids too or just as a highlighter.
I also used my tinted moisturiser from Australis, a pink Natio Ultra Shiny gloss, a finishing powder from the aforementioned Australis, my concealer from NVEY ECO, and Brows a-go-go from Benefit.
I'm all bronzed up and ready to hit the dance floor. Scratch that, I'm going to work but would love to hit the dance floor. I really like that the bronzing rocks give buildable coverage and you don't look like a frou frou from the get go, it starts sheer and then the glow is added bit by bit.

I also simply had to make sure that my pink gloss was matching my pink skirt from Forever New.
I really like the 17 bronzing rocks and I know that they will come in handy as a multi-purpose face and body product. I am very happy with my $6 bargain!

Which bronzer do you use?

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  1. Bronzer is lovely. I use a Natio one (Something Summer) and the Face of Australia one...cheap, but great!

    1. Thank you! Although I think I went a bit overboard with my brow kit - hindsight is a beautiful thing... FOA has some amazing products, got to love it! x

  2. These look fantastic! I'm not a huge bronzing person. I have the MeMeMe bronzing rocks, but haven't yet used them! opps

    1. Thank you lovely! Let me know what you think of the bronzing rocks X


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