Fox in Flats Darecember

In December I participated in a really fun style challenge created by Andrea over at Fox in Flats. The goal of Darecember was to make the silly season a little more stylish. Darecember ended up becoming a massive challenge with over 3600 photos on Instagram and it was really fun to see how everyone interpreted the daily style dares.
Through three states (NSW, WA and ACT) and three countries (Aussie, UK and Norway) I participated and I had a ball. It was interesting to figure out a way of doing the prompts during travels but I think that made the challenge even better for me.
1) Hot Pink Lipstick
If you want to see how I went, just click over to the album I have uploaded on the IGB facebook page.

Do you like style challenges?



  1. I love the style challenges! They always make me think outside the square & I come up with new ways of wearing things I've had in my wardrobe for yonks!
    Loved seeing your darecember pics xx

    1. So do I Donna, they are always so much fun! Thank you X

  2. I loved doing that challenge and I really enjoyed looking at your pictures while you were traveling!

  3. Loving the style challenges. I just did the 7-day hair dare. So much fun!


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