Best Dressed at the Golden Globes 2013

Awards season kicked off with the Golden Globes on Sunday night and I was truly excited to see what our favourite celebrities were wearing. I also love seeing how they do their hair and makeup, it's great for inspiration and for a peek at upcoming trends. Here are some of my favourites and a few who could have been improved ever so slightly.

The Golden Girls:

Emily Blunt was by far my favourite! I love how the cut-outs on her dress highlights her toned midriff, but it's still kept classy because of the high neckline and the length of her dress. Her makeup is flawless, her hair is in a simple donut bun and the fuchia earrings make it a perfect outfit.
Downtown Abbey is one of my favourite shows and Lady Mary was always going to make my best dressed list. Michelle Dockery's hair style shows off the neckline of the dress perfectly and I'm two minutes away from calling my hairdresser, I would love a killer bob like that. Her flawless complexion is enhanced by a nude lippy and emerald earrings. Well played.
Whilst I'm not a huge fan of Julianne Hough's dress, I love her makeup and the way she has matched her purple nails and clutch. It's the differences that make this outfit shine and the combination of it all is just flawless. She has kept her accessories to the minimum and let her bag do the talking.

The Strapless Brigade:

Sofia Vergara looks sensational in a black frock and the big earrings + ring is a showstopper combo. The sleek hair and statement lips work together to achieve a gorgeous red carpet look. Sofia is truly sparkling.
Oh J'Alba, life is so peachy isn't it? Jessica Alba has gone for the matching bag, dress and lip combo and she knocks it out of the park. The bejewelled necklace and sideswept curls make her an absolute showstopper.
Megan Fox is back and she has also gone for the strapless/sideswept curls combo. The gorgeous pink earrings drop perfectly against her shoulders and the dress is divine. Foxy has kept the makeup simple and looks just as fresh as a screen siren should. The soft balyage also makes her brunette locks shine even more.
We all know Zooey Deschanel is rather quirky and I always look forward to what she comes up with on the red carpet. Whilst they say you shouldn't wear a red dress on the red carpet, I still think this works because the red is more coral toned and the silhouette is simple. Whilst I think she could have dropped the pearl necklace in favour for bigger earrings or a larger neck piece, I love the soft fringe and her mauve lip shade.
Olivia Munn has picked a fantastic dress and I love the beaded bodice. Together with a champagne clutch, sparkly neck beads and bronzed/nude makeup she looks amazing. 

Interesting Necklines

Kate Hudson's frock has one of the best necklines I have ever seen. The belt is also perfection, but I wish she had put her hair up in a sleek and high ponytail so that the neckline could shine on its own.
Naomi Watts missed out on a Globe but she was one of the best dressed ladies of the night. The mulberry colour is perfection, the neckline combined with the train is superb and the chic chignon lets the dress do the talking. Go Aussie, go.
Homeland's Morena Baccarin is absolutely splendid in a navy/black gown and I love how different fabrics and textures are mixed together. She is an absolute standout on the red carpet and her hair and makeup are just perfect. Her smokey eye matches her dress and the pink lips gives the dark outfit the pop it needs. J'adore!
Another Homeland star is Claire Danes and she absolutely shines in this red-hot dress. She has come a long way since Romeo+Juliet and she has paired a simple smokey eye with a halterneck dress that brings out her glowing skin tone. The big, tousled hair creates the texture the dress needs to play against.

Room for Improvement:

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most stunning women on the planet. Whilst I can't fault J.Lo's hair and makeup, I think the sheer/white dress is too bride-like and I think it would be more stunning as a black and white combo. The neckline is my favourite part of the dress.
Lately, Jessica Chastain is popping up everywhere and she is one stunning lady. When I was in London I spotted her on several magazine covers and she looked sensational on every one of them. Whilst I really like the colour of the dress on her matched with the raspberry lippy, I think the silhouette of the dress lets her down and the neckline would benefit from being a little tighter. Because of the shape of the halterneck, it looks like her waist has disappeared. On the upside, her pulled back hair lets her diamonds shine like there's no tomorrow.
One of Charlie's Angels was let loose and she got lost in the curtains. Whilst I love the fishtail braid, the circular earrings and pink lips - I can't get past the big roses on Lucy Liu's dress. It's just too much. Perhaps they would have looked better if they were either yellow or pink, but with the colours clashing I just can't approve.
Our lucky last lady, Nicole Richie, looks absolutely stunning in blue. I love the neckline, the shape and the Hollywood curls. The fringed bag adds a little Nashville to the look. Whilst I like that she took a risk with the eye makeup, I would have loved the ice blue shade more as an eye liner, not as a full coverage shade.
The top three things I want to try after having seen the Globes are sideswept curls, nude/pink lips and a soft smokey eye. It's all very flattering and lets the dress do the talking.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Who was your best dressed pick?

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Source for all the pictures is the Daily Telegraph.


  1. I just love Jessica Alba's dress! I love the colour and the style!

    1. I know! She looked stunning at the dress is divine! x

  2. I love Sophia Vergara, Jessica Alba and JLo the best! Stunning!

    1. They were a stunning trio indeed! Such different dresses, yet they all looked amazing x

  3. Zooey Deschanel and Morena Baccarin are both stunning!

    1. I definitely agree with you! Beautiful ladies they are X


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