Winter Wonderland, London

Day 2 in London was absolutely fabulous and we managed to stay awake the whole day without any naps so hopefully our jetlag is done and dusted. We have also had a slightly late night on Day 1 which probably helped us sleep well too. I just love the British pubs, and we went to a great one called the Grove which even had a Winter Survival Guide drinks menu. There was lots of mulled wine and cider to be had on my behalf. So delicious!
There are also heeps of great Christmas decorations in London and I'm really getting into the festive spirit. 
We didn't quite make it to Westminster Abbey this time so I had to make up for it by posing with this gorgeous church located in the suburb we are staying at.
After a repeat of breakfast from day 1 we headed into town on the tube. Our destination was pretty exciting!
Whilst we have hardly done any touristy things here, we have seen the Marble Arch twice so that must count for something. Because we have both been to London before, seeing all the sights was not our priority this time. It's been much more fun just hanging with friends and just enjoying our days without stress.
Our destination for the day was London's Winter Wonderland which was absolutely sensational! So much fun and there was mulled wine, treats and delicious food at every corner. There was also a lot of rides but we had to limit ourselves to two because it started pouring down and it was getting quite cold.
This ride was so fun, it was the spinning chairs and it took us really high up and we got a fantastic view of London. I did see Big Ben and the London Eye from here so that must count as a little touristy too?
Here we are, ready for takeoff.
Afterwards we went to the Bavarian Village for some October fest action. There was also a fabulous Bavarian guy singing songs and he was having great fun on stage with his keyboard and other miscellaneous sound effects.
I continued with my mulled wine and Mike had the 1litre stein of beer. Naturally.
Afterwards we did some shopping along Bond Street and Oxford street and it took me about 2 seconds to buy an umbrella. It of course only took 5 seconds to break down. Not my best purchase of the day!
I also went into Boots 3 times in 3 different locations. Just because I could. They had some great stuff in there but there were just so many people everywhere. Christmas shopping in London is not for the weak-hearted.
The night ended at another pub for another great meal and fantastic company. We also walked past Ealing Studios which after a quick Wikipedia was proven to have produced Notting Hill and Downtown Abby plus more. It may not be Abby Road but it is still pretty good!
This morning we just went out for a quick breakfast (we may or may not have copied day 1 and day 2's meals) and now we are packing and getting ready for our flight to Norway. I am not looking forward to the temperatures that are awaiting us but at least we will have a white Christmas!
We've had such an amazing time in London and I do wish we could have stayed longer. Then again, I am really excited about going to Norway so we really do have something nice to look forward too. It will be so great to see my family again!

Xx I  


  1. Looks like you're having lots of fun! x

  2. Some beautiful pics! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself & having lots of mulled wine!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas & enjoy your time spent with family & friends xox


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