Updated Holiday Nails - Now With Added Chanel

I had my nails done two weeks ago, just before we left for London and Norway. Whilst I loved the mulberry colour from OPI, more accurately known as Bastille My Heart, I wanted to update it slightly for New Years Eve and I also wanted to cover up the regrowth that has started from the cuticle. I have to say that I am very impressed with the OPI Gel Colour and I haven't had a single chip yet. Not bad at all.
I wanted to add some taupe-ness so I used Chanel's Particuliere which is absolutely sensational. Chanel does great nail polishand Particuliere is no exception.
I did it very simple and just painted half the nail with Particuliere. Too easy and much cheaper than getting a new manicure. I also think that wine red and taupe fits together perfectly.
Now that my nails are done, I just have to figure out what to wear on New Years Eve. I have already picked out a top I like from H&M so I'll probably just do jeans, a top and a blazer. Norway is very cold so I am layering lots of warm clothing everytime I step outside.

What are you doing with your nails for NYE?

Xx I


  1. Oh what a lovely manicure! Wish I had half your skill in doing my nails. I'm still not very good. Slowly getting there..... Happy New Year gorgeous! xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous! I have polished my nails a lot so getting a little better every time. Nothing beats a proper manicure though;) Happy New Year beautiful Mandy X


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