Travel Beauty - the Norway Edition

Now let me preface this post by saying that I know that I could have brought less makeup on this trip but at least I got all the basics and then some. At least I know that I brought products I love. I got my trusty Chanel makeup bag a few years ago along with Coco, the fragrance. Whilst Coco is long gone, the bag has stood the test of time and I love it.
I brought my must-have NARS blush in Lustre and the Body Shop brush simply had to come. The nvey eco concealer was another must, although I think it is a little too light for me at the moment. I get reverse panda-eyes when I wear it. I also broguht the australis concealer to cover blemishes. I have a couple now thanks to the constant sugar inhalation that Norwegian Christmas is all about. Whilst I didn't exactly need a primer, I still brought the SHE pure magic primer just as a preparation of the face canvas. Since it's so cold here, it's good to have something soft to base the makeup on. The SHE foundation also had to come of course.
I also brought the SHE gel liner for when I want to mark my eyes a little heavier. A part from that, I've used the Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude kit a lot. It's just so versatile and I can use it for everything. I've mainly used the Champagne Shimmer with the black eyeliner shadow but sometimes I just layer on three shades for fun. My brows are also being looked after thanks to Brows a-go-go from Benefit and the DiorBrows pencil. Lucky last is the CoverGirl lashblast 24hr which is a good enough mascara but I feel that it drips a little in the snow. I wouldn't buy it again because I'm not 100% happy with it.
On the upside, I am enjoying wearing mascara again since my eye lash extensions are falling out. They have become so annoying that I'm looking forward to having my natural lashes back. The extra length is simply not worth it.

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  1. Now that's travelling light and versatile! Glad you're loving being home x

    1. Haha, very versatile indeed lovely!:) I am absolutely loving it. Hope you are well X


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