Three Head Pieces and a Horse

I have recently been very taken by head pieces and the bigger the better I think. I wore this Christmas crown for my Santa photo and it worked out really well. We bought it from the Christmas Warehouse for $6 and have already gotten a lot of use out of it, so it was an excellent investment. I feel like the Statue of Christmas Liberty when I wear it. It also adds 10 centimetres to my height so that's an added bonus.
Since we are flying to London tomorrow, we celebrated Christmas with Mike's family on Wednesday night and it was absolutely wonderful. Such a beautiful night with great company and sensational food. It almost felt like the real Christmas! For this event I wore my pearl kitten ears from Equip. From memory they were about $13 and I also got the diamond version too. There can never be enough kitten ears!
On Friday Afternoon I was just doing boring errands so I thought I would wear another Equip acquisition, which is a gorgeous pink bow headband. I got a black one too and they were $9 each.
Tonight they had carols by the beach where I live and I spotted this outrageously gorgeous police horse who was also wearing a head piece. He looks like Rudolf's big brother, and although he looks rather embarrassed I thought he was really cute! It definitely helped me get into the Christmas spirit.
On another note, I have been wearing Strawberry Margarita from OPI lately on my nails and I love the fluoro pink colour. It is so pretty and certainly makes a statement! I am going to get Gel Colour tomorrow morning for my holiday so I will probably pick a more Christmassy colour but for now I just needed the pop of pink!
Now I just have to hurry up and pack for our holiday. I can't wait to see my family and it is all so exciting. We will be going to London tomorrow, landing on Tuesday and staying there for two days. Then we move onto Oslo to see the family and friends. I will do my best to blog consistently (if there is a good internet connection) but if you want to stay updated on my travels the best idea is to follow me on instagram @ingridigb.

I hope you have a lovely Monday and start to the week! I am praying my flight is nice with lots of good movies and that it runs on time. Fingers crossed!

Xx I


  1. I love the bow headband! so cute :) Have a wonderful Christmas break! I hope there is lots of snow for you :) xx

    1. Thank you Chelsea!

      There will definitely be snow. It is between -11 and -16 at the moment - not too excited about it now. Will see how it goes;) X


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