The Red Eye Flight Recovery

On Monday night I got on a red eye flight from Perth back to Sydney and I did not sleep a wink. It is safe to assume that I was exhausted by the time I got home and I have spent the week recovering. It literally knocked my socks off. Not my finest moment in such a busy season but my body needed it and I have let it have the time it needed. on the upside, the music selection from Qantas was very good and the Christmas episode of Mr Bean they played before landing was hilarious as usual. Next year I am going to start sending Christmas cards to myself too, just like Bean does.
When I got home I had a lovely shower and the recovery had started. I also applied one of my favourite hydrating masks, the Drink Up Intensive mask from Origins. It is absolutely beautiful and has rescued my skin more than once when it's been dehydrated from flying or a big night out. Next up was a refreshing spritz of Avene thermal water. Whilst I don't love this product, it has somehow ended up in my skin care drawers and I use it from time to time. It has cult status for a reason but I'm just not that into you Avene, my apologies. Lucky last is the Herbal Recovery Eye Cream from Jurlique which is simply gorgeous. It plumped and hydrated my peepers very quickly and there is a reason I always bring this when I travel. It does a good job without fussing about it. Then again, all Jurlique products are sensational.

For the cherry on top, I added one of my many sleep masks from Peter Alexander because I went to bed at 8am and I didn't want to be disturbed by daylight. Thankfully my daily routine is back to normal and I no longer sleep during the day but I simply am just tired. This is not boding well for my upcoming jetlag which is guaranteed to set in when I land in London on Tuesday morning.

I am also blogging whilst being in motion for the first time. We are headed to Canberra for the weekend because my man is doing a big race and I will cheer him on like it's nobody's business. We have just had a romantic date night at a Shell station and are about an hour away from our destination. Such excitement!

Have a lovely weekend!

Xx I


  1. Gotta love Peter Alexander! I just pulled out a pair of PA christmas PJ pants I forgot I had, SO excited! Haha
    Mr Bean is super funny, I forgot about that christmas episode until you reminded me :) Might have to get it & watch it!
    Hope you're feeling more rested now xx

    1. I know! He's got the best stuff!

      Mr Bean gets me everytime, I just don't know how he does it:)

      I am feeling much better now lovely X


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