The Lash Extension Diaries

Nine days ago I had lash extensions applied to my lashes. It was an impulsive thing and I have to say I enjoyed the initial result. They are low maintenance in the way of not needing any mascara which is an advantage. The application took less than half an hour and was quite comfortable. The bottom lashes are taped down with scotch tape (I did say quite comortable, didn't I?) and the extensions are then individually attached to the lashes. The one thing I didn't like was that I was told not to swipe anything across them so although I had imagined wearing eye shadow and then removing it at night, this just seemed to be all too hard. As an upside, it is a good excuse not to wear eye makeup at all. Too easy!
The top photo is before and the next two are after shots.
I was thrilled to have my falsies on for my recently acquired passport photos because they turned out quite well. Smiling wasn't allowed but I nuded up my lips with Lancome's Choco Teddy Juicy Tubes. I needed the photos for my visa application and I am thrilled to advise that it is coming along swimmingly. I am only waiting for one document and then it will be sent in. Since I have been so busy with work and the visa, I only realised today that it was advent and the 1st December. I couldn't believe how fast time has gone and that I will see my family in less than three weeks. Although I am less thrilled about the minus degrees that the weather will have in store for me. My BFF just informed me that it is minus 7 degrees in Oslo. Bring on the candles, the warm drinks and the great company!
Because I had been told not to apply much on my lid, I thought that for the engagement party I would try out a ModelsPrefer eyeliner tattoo instead. Less mess to apply, hardly anything to clean up and I was assured it would be easy to apply. Somehow I can't say that I agree and it took me a few tries to get them on. I used tweezers as advised and found it all to be hard to balance onto the lid. I then used my fingers but they made the tattoos less sticky. After discarding a pair I had more success on the second attempt.
Whilst the overall effect was good and the eye area was more defined, I did find that the tattoos were uncomfortable to wear and I could feel them sitting on my eye lids.
After an hour's drive to the national park where the party was held, I couldn't handle it and took off the tattoos. They were really easy to remove. Below is a picture where I am 50% tattooed. I do love the winged shape but I much prefer making it myself. I also have those flattering red marks that glasses always give me. It's the price I pay for having a small nose. My grandma says I only had two button holes when I was born and it hasn't grown much since then.
Since my failed tattoo attempt I have just kept my lash and eye area natural. A little concealer in the morning is all it takes. Whilst I am enjoying how easy it is, I am also really looking forward to getting back to basics with my natural lashes. 
My Cherry Dress is a light little number from Vero Moda,
a Danish brand. I love their stuff and Asos has their goods.
The extensions provide fabulous lenght but I wish they lifted a bit more. I currently have a rogue one that just won't stay up. It is almost like it needs a little crutch to add a little lift. So far I have only had one lash fall out but I am sure there will be more to come.

The lashes can last 4-6 weeks but they should be re-filled every two weeks if you want to keep them nice and neat. I have decided not to have them again because I am about to go away and it will all be too hard. I also prefer natural lashes because they are less drama. Lash extensions are also really expensive and I prefer to spend my beauty coin on other fun things. 

Happy Saturday! Pinch and a punch for the first of the month...

Xx I 


  1. I do love the look of well done fake lashes, but like you I could think of better things to spend money on :) x

    1. Exactly! It's fun as a once in a while treat but there is no way I would do this every other week. X

  2. Great review and you look so pretty in all the shots!

    I must say this is exactly why I haven't taken the plunge and gotten extensions, I hate that you aren't supposed to touch your eyes/put eye makeup or anything else on!

    I have also heard that they are very expensive and require a bit of upkeep, and can also cause your natural lashes to fall out, so it always seemed like too much work. It's quite a shame when it looks so pretty though!


    1. I forgot to add that I have tried those eyeliner stickers too and I gave up on my first try! Was trying to put them on before I went out and it just wasn't sticking too well, plus it didn't feel too comfortable, so I ended up discarding them!


    2. Thank you gorgeous one!

      I have to agree, I miss having eyeliner or eye shadow on.

      I am truly hoping my natural lashes stay put:)

      So relieved that you had the same experience, they are just so fickle. Too hard-basket Xx

  3. Lash extensions are beautiful at first and horrible when it comes time to take them off! I've had them twice, the 2nd lot promised they were easy to remove and wouldn't damage my natural lashes and I still ended up with gaps of no lashes :-(

    1. I'm really hoping they will just fall out naturally. The less maintenance the better:) Hoping that it all goes well, fingers crossed. If not I will spoil my lashes with a nice serum to fix the potential damage. So far so good:) Such a shame you had a bad experience second time around. Somehow I'm feeling that there won't be a second time for me but never say never...



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