My Christmas Eve Outfit

For my outfit on Christmas Eve, I took a chance on a dress that I ordered from Boohoo as per this post. I loved the bejewelled neckline and it was handy that I didn't have to worry about whitch necklace to wear. I wasn't sure if I was going to get it in a size eight or ten but I took a chance on the eight and it was the right decision. It fit perfectly and because of its nipped in waist, I had more room for Christmas indulgences. I also got a sparkly bow headband as well. Because I was going to London before I went to Norway I ordered my goodies from Boohoo and got it delivered to my girlfriend who lives in London. That way I didn't have to worry about whether the dress would arrive in time.
I curled my hair in the morning and bobby-pinned my fringe back so that it was not in the way during the day. I then put lots of hairspray in it to make sure it stayed in place. When we went to mass it was snowing - it hasn't stopped since I got here - and I added a Spell Byron Bay scarf, H&M coat and mittens my mum has knitted for me.
Stockings and my Wittner boots were also a must. Whilst I would have loved to wear nice stilettos, I needed chunky heels to make sure I didn't slip on the snow. It may look soft but there is lots of ice hiding underneath.
I also decorated Bertha with a gorgeous bow-tie and she looked so pretty! She also ended up going nuts over the gift wrapping when we unwrapped the presents. Bertha also ate Santa's beard so I don't think she'll get any presents next year. Unless she does some serious damage control. Lucky Santa is a pretty forgiving guy.
We had a lovely Christmas filled with lots of food, great company and much laughter. We just enjoyed spending time together and it was so nice to have a white Christmas. Whilst I was very excited about my gorgeous presents, I was more thrilled about lots of family time. I spent Christmas with my grandma, my mum, my dad (aka Santa), my uncle, my brother, my sister and my handsome Mike. I was so excited that he wanted to come to Norway for Christmas since it is so different from the Aussie Christmas that he is used to. It was so fun to Skype his family on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We also have an exciting dinner to look forward to at Cafe Sydney when we get home. I can't wait!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and that Santa spoilt you like you deserve!

Xx I


  1. You look so cute in the first dress :) merry christmas!

    1. Thank you lovely! Hope you had a nice Christmas too M x


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