London Calling!

Yesterday morning I got up really early, packed my suitcase and wrapped some Christmas presents. I didn't bring too much stuff, it was more a case of a half/half situation of Christmas presents and clothes. Then I made this holiday's arm party which has become somewhat of a tradition for me. It's fun to put together litte trinkets here and there, and possibly add a thing or two from the holidays.
After packing I went with my girlfriend Yas to get our nails done. She got some fabulous OPI Big Apple Red gel colour and I love the contrast with her miu miu wallet. Two gorgeous primary colours right there!
I spent a little longer deciding because I wanted a holiday colour I wouldn't get tired off. Whilst I initially thought about dark green I thought my grandma wouldn't approve so I decided to go for a nice mulberry colour. I got the OPI Gel Colour in Bastille my Heart which suited my request to a tee.
After our nails we got some delicious treats from Adriano Zumbo and then it was almost time to go to the airport. It was way busy and although I thought we were clever in leaving a week before Christmas, the airport and the plane was completely packed. Once we got on board we had some glitches with the electricity (the lights wouldn't go on) but after about an hour it was fixed and we were on our way. I was not too impressed with the small screen because it was tinier than two baby Sprite cans. Weirdly enough we got used to it after a while.
Tiny tiny screens on a big big plane. I saw the Watch with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and more funny guys. It was pretty funny with the exception of the alien component
We quickly landed in Singapore and I was delighted to see a pink and purple Christmas tree with silver angels. Too cute!
After 14 more hours we made it to London and although we were feeling a little tired, we soldiered on and headed to town. The Christmas tree at the train station was less in size, but made up for it in its fairly light glory.
After a quick trip we made it to our fabulous friends place and it was so good to see them again! I also almost forgot that I was tired. I also got a semi nutritional breakfast with a fruit salad and a ham, cheese, tomato and bacon pastry. I think I covered all the food groups!
Matching caffeine juice was a must too of course!
After a shower I felt so much better and I heaped on some bronzer and red lippy to look more refreshed. Mind over matter. We headed to town and did some shopping and looking around. The weird thing was that although I was in retail heaven, I only ended up buying one sweater. I think I got a bit scared of spending too much too soon so I was a little bit cautious. There is always tomorrow right?
After a four hour retail frenzy of lots of looking around, plenty of walking in high heeled boots (silly me) and observation of lots of gorgeous Christmas lights, we were done and headed back to have a two hour nap. It was sensational! Now we are getting ready to head out for the night so I am proud to still be awake!

Have a lovely day, I hope there are some gorgeous fairy lights where you are too!

Xx I


  1. Sounds like you're having a fab time! I absolutely love that mulberry nail colour and those two trees are stunning! Hope you have a lovely time in London for Christmas!

    1. Thank you Robyn, loving it so far:) I am obsessed with mulberry at the moment, can't get enough!

      Have a lovely Christmas too X

  2. Have a great time in London!! I'm a little jealous ;)
    Merry Christmas xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Very excited but wish I could stay longer. Off to Norway today

      Merry Christmas to you too


  3. I hate long haul flights but you look like you survived it well! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in London :)

    1. They are the pitts, aren't they? I got through it but didn't love it. Very excited to be in London X

  4. Catching up with your posts! Love the arm party!


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