Little Christmas Eve

I can't believe that it's only one day left until Christmas. I am super excited and just can't wait. It's also been amazing to come home to Norway and to see my family again. We have had so much fun.
We are also permanently covered in white, it's been snowing since we arrrived. So pretty, but very cold!
We also went with some family friends to the forest to pick out our Christmas tree for the year. I think we found a great one!
We also grilled sausages on the open fire in the woods. It tasted delicious!
The finished result. My sister, my boyfriend and I were in charge of decorating the Christmas tree this year. Although it lacks the Norwegian flags that we usually have on, it does look amazing. We did a good job. Especially since I lost interest after five minutes and just delegated the team around. Someone has to do it you know.
Naturally, Bertha is loving the snow. She also doesn't mind wearing her antlers, she just takes it in her stride.
Now I am surrounded by the family and we are enjoying delicious Christmas cookies and other nice treats. A major tradition is to watch a short film on Little Christmas Eve called "Grevinnen og Hovmestern" which has been played annually since 1980. It is really funny and we can't have Christmas without it.
I hope that you are happy and healthy wherever you are. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Xx I 


  1. That looks like such a lovely Christmas in the snow! I am a Scottish Expat living in Oman, it's far too hot here to feel festive!!
    Have a great Christmas x

    1. Thank you! It sure was sensational. I can imagine that it's too hot in Oman. Hope you had a lovely Christmas too X

  2. Sounds like you're having a blast in Norway. I bet a white Christmas is fantastic! x

    1. It's sensational but SO cold...:) X

  3. Lovely pictures of winter and the snow! I'm so happy to hear you had a great time with your family and friends in Norway!


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