I'm Dreaming of a Well Dressed Christmas

I am really excited about my upcoming trip to Norway and I am doing suprisingly well in ignoring the minus double digit temperatures I am about to endure. I haven't had a Christmas at home for five years and I am looking forward to eating lots of Christmas cakes, Christmas lollies, drinking Christmas wine and getting a years worth of C-Vitamin intake thanks to the kilograms of mandarins consumed by us Norwegians like it is a competition. I think eating mandarins makes us feel better about all the treats we consume and it is almost like we think it will counteract our indulgent ways.

I will however miss the laidbackness that is the Australian Christmas, the Ferrero Rocher tradition my boyfriend's family has and the way my mother in law cooks me potatoes in four different ways because she knows I love them so (it truly is a carb coma). There is also something so relaxed about a morning opening presents and then moving onto a lazy Christmas lunch with a compulsory guilt-free powernap afterwards.

No matter where I celebrate Christmas, I really like putting together a great outfit. Admittedly, Australia is a little more beachy and casual with the celebrations but I still like to dress up. I recently discovered Boohoo, which is a fabulous online store with lots of affordable dresses, other clothes, accessories and shoes to choose from. As an added bonus they also offer free shipping to Australia. Putting my dream blinkers on I have put together two outfits that I would love to wear for Christmas on Polyvore, which is fast becoming one of my favourite websites. It is just so fun to play dress up. One is great for those in the southern hemisphere who are celebrating a warm Christmas and the other outfit is perfect for the colder weather in the northern hemisphere.

I am very partial to a red dress for Christmas because after all, this is the season of tinsel, Santa and Rudolf's red nose. This Sammy Skater Dress has a very back detail and retails for $50. It also comes in black and would make a perfectly quirky LBD. I also love the gorgeous Giselle Beige Metallic Heels ($70) and their neutral colour isn't boring thanks to the cut-outs and the gold detail. Naturally, a matching bag is a must and the Nadia Chain Trim Clutch ($50) is simply gorgeous. For the cherry on top, I have picked the Melody Floral Collar ($24) which ties it all together. The most important part is picking a dress and accessories that can be used again to reduce their cost per wear. What I also like about Boohoo is that they have UK and AUS sizes listed so I don't have to worry about comparing the two to figure out which size is best for me. There is also currently a 20% discount available, simply use the code 20AUS to get the price reduced upon checkout.
For my ideal winter Christmas outfit I have gone a little more glamorous and I can totally see myself wearing this on Christmas Eve. I am sure even my stylish (and opinionated) grandma would approve. Purple is my favourite colour so it comes as no surprise that I fell hard for the Amie Embellished Mixi Dress which at $50 is another dress bargain. I am also a fan of contrasting colours whilst working to a colour palette and I think working in some emerald tones would just make the outfit pop. The Amber peeptoes are just divine (and a bairgain at $30) and with the added Tina Triangle Studs ($16), the teal team has done their thing. For a bag obsessive like myself, I love a good clutch. This velvet perfection called Victoria is gorgeous and affordable ($36) at the same time. To top it all off, a the $8 Tasha headband is simply necessary. My tip would be to wear the bow on the good side of your face so that when the time for photograps come, you can get the angle right. Or is it just me that loves a good photo angle? I guess I wasn't nicknamed a natural born poser for no reason.

If you have a pet, may I suggest you dress them up in a Santa hat just like my grandma's Staffie Bertha is wearing here? It is adorable and funny at the same time. This year I have bought special raindeer antlers for her and I am sure she can't wait to be Rudolf's colleague.
I haven't had much of a chance to do any Christmas shopping yet this year because it's been such a busy time, but at least I know that I don't have to worry about what to wear since I have my dream outfit picked out. Now I just wish Santa would hurry up and deliver it. A girl can dream right?

Do you love selecting your Christmas outfits? Have you shopped at Boohoo before?

Xx I  


  1. I have shopped at Boohoo before :D I have loved everything I have received from them! Also your dog is so so so cute!

    1. I just received my order and I was so happy with it. Yes I can't wait to see Bertha again, she is adorable:) x

  2. Although I don't wear red, this red dress is gorgeous! Love the back!

    1. You should totally wear red, it would suit you so well Rita! Xx

  3. OMG that red dress is to die for!!!! You have such great taste :D

    I've never used Boohoo but am about to check it out XO

    1. I was very happy with my order:)

      Would have loved to get the red dress but they only had big sizes left. Hope everything went well with your move X


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