Since I'm seeing the Hobbit in approximately 20 minutes, I had to make a quick little Hobbit themed post. We are seeing it in 2D, because you can apparently go cross-eyed if you watch a movie in 3D. Or at least, that's what my girlfriend says.

I have been to NZ and it is simply magical. The scenery is stunning and I can't wait to take in the beauty of the landscape. Movies are also a fun way to spend a Sunday morning, I can't wait. I will also be dreaming of the gorgeous forest green YSL bag. So dreamy!

Have you seen the Hobbit?

Xx I

Update: Unfortunately the movie was cancelled due to technical issues. We did have a great time eating our way through the popcorn and other lollies whilst we waited for the problem to be fixed. Since they couldn't fix the problem we walked away with two free tickets each and our popcorn craving had been fulfilled...

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