Behold the Magic of the Owen Trackpant

When I was in Auckland, I just wanted a comfy pair of pants and I got more than I bargained for. In Cotton On Body I discovered the magic that is the Owen Trackpant and I really haven't looked back. These are the kind of pants that come with me everywhere. I paid NZ$24.95 (AU$19.95) for them and their cost per wear is down to less than a dollar. How is that for a bargain?
Most recently I paired my grey marle Owens with Sportsgirl wedge booties, Shabby Sisters bangles, a blue Bonds singlet and a white Supre singlet. It is all to prove that trackies can be worn smart casually too. I also wore them when I flew to Noosa and am considering promoting my Owens to become international flight trackies too.
I wish I had bought one in every colour but there is only grey marle and black Owens available on the website now. I have mine in a size small and it is a perfect fit. The length is also perfect for short peeps like me. 
I have now clicked home the black Owens and I can feel that trackies are fast becoming my new addiction. They are just so comfortable! The fabric mix is polyester and cotton and the pants are super soft.

Are you yay or nay when it comes to trackpants?

xx I


  1. They look super cute on you, but were sadly too short on my legs :(

  2. You're too cute! They aren't trackies.... they are just cute pants.

    They remind me of these ones from Jeansweat

    They are super soft material and perfect for hot days.


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