Twilight, the LUSH Bath Ballistic

Today I had an unexpected day off and I wanted to make the most of it. I was woken up by the postman who wanted to deliver a parcel, but it was for the tenant who lived here over a year ago so I had to send him away. I then put on sunscreen, made a big top knot and headed for the beach. The sun was shining and it was so nice to relax with my newest book, John Grisham's The Racketeer. It is fantastic and I am totally addicted. He writes the best books!
After a couple of hours I headed home and decided to have a bath with Twilight, one of the many bath ballistics I have from LUSH. They are the bomb, pardon the pun. This one is meant to make you nod off so I suppose it's better to have before bed but as an afternoon treat it worked just as well.
Twilight is nice and purple (and cheap at $5.95), and it has stars on it. I must add that I have read and seen all the Twilight books and films. I can't say that I am a Twihard but I did enjoy the books. The movies don't have the best acting but they are fun anyways.
Once dropped in the bath it cracked and a blue bomb revealed itself. How fun!
Lots of bubbles, purples and blues. A feast for the eyes, the mind and it smells amazing!
After the bath I heard something on the windows that sounded like hail. I thought it was strange since I haven't seen hail in Sydney before.
The storm was quick, loud and there was much lightning to be had. I was very thrilled to be inside!
The hail was quite big and I have to say I was very surprised to see it here in November. It's meant to be spring/summer, yet you just can't rely on perfect weather.
Once the thrill of the storm had passed, I found lots of glitter on my body. Turns out Twilight is filled with glitter so I had a quick shower to get it off. I don't mind being sparkly but I prefer to choose where the sparkles go, not all over my body.
All in all it has been a lovely Friday morning and afternoon, and now I'm off for a facial. Got to make the most of my day off! I do hope the storm doesn't return.

Have you tried LUSH bath ballistics? How do you feel about hail?

Xx I

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