New Purchase: Kikki K, Beauty and Thermals

Two weeks ago I came home from a wonderful work/holiday trip to Melbourne and New Zealand. I did a little bit of shopping and thought I would share some with you. I love a bit of travel shopping and it is generally very fun. This was also the last hurrah when it came to shopping for me for a while because I am currently in the middle of two very expensive outlays. One is my application for a de-facto visa in Australia and the other is the trip I'm making home for Christmas which I'm so excited about but it is just so expensive. I just know I could spend the money on so many better things but it is totally worth it and I am really looking forward to it.

Moving on, I bought a few cute things at Kikki K, also known as stationary heaven, at the airport. There was the Happy note pad, the stickers for my diary and then the most perfect pencil case. I thought my days of needing a pencil case was over but I have to say, I couldn't resist the pink leather and it is a forever case. I am sick of getting pen marks on my bags and this is a great way of preventing it.
I used an old toiletry beauty bag as my pencil case before, so it was time for an upgrade.
At the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua I bought some of the gorgeous Skin Deep products that were used on me for the facial. The products are gorgeous and I can really tell the difference already, my face is loving them. I also got ten percent off since I had a treatment so it was priced more reasonably. I also like that when I am using the products I am instantly transported back to the heaven that is that spa.
Another brand I've become acquianted with is Antipodes and I think it's absolutely gorgeous! The Resurrect Facial Toner is so nice and I just spritz it on all day long. Perfection! Another treat is the Comvita Brightening Eye Serum which is cooling and beautiful on the eye area whilst also feeling light enough to do its trick. I also got the Little Luxuries pack with some Comvita products perfect for travelling. I brought them to Noosa and they gave me the glow.
For the body I got the deliciously scented Sweet Pea Body Butter Duo from the Body Shop and I also got my first ever chubby sticks from Clinique. They are super cute and I got the three of them for $65 which is fabulous, since they usually retail for $35 each.
Since NZ was so cold and windy in the beginning, I also got thermals and a fleece. The cost per wear has already been earnt in and they were absolute necessities. The last thing I got was a Mud Mask which heats up as you apply it. Such a fun sensation and it's good fun to have a muddy face! The myd also purifies so it's perfect to apply after a day of wearing heavy sunscreen to make sure those pores aren't too clogged up.
Although NZ was absolutely fantastic, it is also wonderful to be back in sunny Sydney again. I went for my first swim this morning and although the water was a fresh 17 degrees it was absolutely sensational.

Have you bought anything exciting lately?

Xx I


  1. Love Kikki-K! Can't wait for a review of that Antipodes toner. (:

    1. I know, I am totally addicted to Kikki-K. The Antipodes review will be coming along soon:) x

  2. Hello Ingrid! I love Kikki-K and everything stationary! Good luck for your application for the Visa. It's a long process... Also, I'm so happy for you that you are going back home for Christmas! From Rita@TheCraftyExpat

    1. Hi gorgeous,

      Thank you so much for all your good wishes Xx


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