Models Prefer Lipstick Organiser

I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to organising my makeup. When it comes to lipsticks I needed a better solution than for them to just be in a box because it was hard to find the one I wanted and I wanted them stored better. On one of my regular trips to Priceline I found this Lipstick Organiser from Models Prefer. It cost $10 and I bought one to try out at home.
The Lipstick Organiser fits 12 lipsticks and it didn't take long to fill it up. I need at least two more of these and I also need to do a serious lippy cull. I am not looking forward to it but at least it will help me finish Project 50 Pan quicker. At least that's the plan.
The unfortunate thing is that my beloved and much used Vani-T lipsticks don't fit in the compartments. I suppose that's the price you pay for extra blingy packaging and it is totally worth it.
I really like this organiser and for ten dollars it is totally worth it. Since I only have one at the moment I kind of use it as my top 12 lippy storage. Almost like a beauty reality show, one by one they get either voted off or replaced by a more in demand shade.

How do you store your lippys? Would you struggle with picking out your top 12 shades?

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  1. Models Prefer have some great storage products. I really need to organise my make up. We are moving in 6 weeks, so I will have to do it very soon!!

    1. I agree! I also find that it's very reasonably priced too. Good luck with the upcoming move! x


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