Love Is In The Air

As I have mentioned previously, I went to an engagement party on Saturday and it was absolutely sensational. The sun was shining, the area we were at was gorgeous and the company was outstanding. It was a perfect day to celebrate a couple that is so perfect for eachother and simply meant to be.
My boyfriend's mum is a floral whizz and she was chief florist for the occassion. She did so well and made so many nice and unique bouquets. It was so personal, so amazing. I loved it, and so did everyone else.

Outside there were lots of tables set up and there was also bunting. The future bride (who is a party planning genius) had done so well. It all looked like it could have been a part of a magazine photo shoot. So professionally done and there was love behind every detail.
This Moroccan inspired daybed was also amazing. Such an amazing idea and it just looked so right.
Yours truly had the pleasure of setting up these glasses and it was always fun to see if a glass would have the matching stem in the pack.
This punch was absolutely delicious. Tropical and coconutty perfection. There was also margarita and cosmo punch available too. Cocktail heaven!
The party was well catered and this delicious cheese platter was just one of the delights on offer.
It was all so romantic and beautifully done. Just sensational.
I am pretty sure I ate half of the raspberry bullets on offer. It is unfortunately my newest addiction.
My stunning friend Y also delivered in the nail department, matching her shellaced Big Apple Red nails with the pink champagne on offer. How on earth was I to resist such a gorgeous photo op?
The party lasted from the early afternoon until way after sundown and it was simply spectacular. 
It was such a lovely night and a great celebration of a gorgeous couple who we love so much. We all had an amazing time and we were so happy to be there. 

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