Hot Lips Week: Mirenesse Glosses

Today we are talking about two gorgeous glosses from Mirenesse. They have different qualities but both are super easy to apply so I am already a fan. I have to say I prefer the design of the Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine on the right because of it's gold detailing and white lid. So luxe! On the other hand, the 3D Forever Gloss is a little basic and for that reason is a perfect handbag staple.
On top there is the gorgeously nude pink shade of Hello Kitten and below you have  the lip shine in Candy Kiss. Did someone say hot pink?
The 3D Forever Gloss provides great coverage whilst also doing a great job at moisturising the lips. Shea butter and Vitamin E are key ingredients and it is also paraben free. This is a great shade for a smokey eye or for when you just want a quick nude lip in a gloss. I also love the applicator, it does a great job of applying the gloss evenly on the lips.
Candy Kiss on the other hand, is not a neutral shade but I love it. It takes less than one layer to get this amount of coverage and I have to say I was very impressed with its longevity. Even when I wiped some of it of to make less of a statement, there was a great pink layer on the lips and I felt like I had made a customised shade myself. Perfection! This gloss has ingredients like Vitamin E and Microcollagen included which is meant to boost the volume of your lips, although I can't say it worked for me since mine are a little big already.
With these two glosses I am set for both day and night thanks to Mirenesse. I love both shades but Candy Kiss is by far my favourite since it packs a punch and is just so glossy. Just what I want in a gloss!

Have you tried either of these? Which shade is your favourite?

Xx I


  1. Both lovely. I want the red one:)

    Sara xx

    1. Yes it really packs a punch doesn't it? X

  2. I love the Mirenesse glosses. I have about 6 of them and always choose them above most of my other glosses.


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