Hot Lips Week: Lancome Juicy Tubes Once Upon a Week

There is something so wonderful about the idea of having a set lip gloss for a certain day. Lancome has achieved that by releasing their Juicy Tubes Once Upon a Week set which is just plain adorable. It retails for 59 clams over at Adore Beauty and I have to say, it's totally worth it. Each gloss is 7 mls and packs a perfect punch of colour. I have used Juicy Tubes for over ten years and still adore its sticky, yet long lasting formula. Perfect for meals, festivals and boyfriend kisses.
As you can see from the swatches, these glosses come in all colours and the set is just perfection. In addition to Monday to Friday, there is also Saturday and Sunday available for purchase seperately.
Monday comes in a design filled with oranges and music notes. Delightful! The shade Rockin Grapefruit (10) is nice and mild and is more like a creamy peach with no unfortunate tangy flavour.
Tuesday's gloss is a bright orange colour with the fitting shade name of Rosita Tangerine (20). The design is of gorgeous roses and I love it.
Wednesday is more fuchia and the Juciy Tube is covered with cherries. I love cherries! Naturally, the name is Cherry Clafoutis (30) and it is up there as one of my favourite shades from the collection.
Thursday comes with a butterfly + lavender tube and strikes me as a perfect mulberry colour. The shade is called Sweet Lavender (40) and I have to agree, it is oh so sweet. On another note, I can't wait to stop by the Mulberry flagship store in London to pick up a gift to self when I'm there in December. After all, self gifting is just as important as gifting to others.
Lucky Friday has a gorgeous teddy bear cover and is of course called Choco Teddy (50). It is such a fabulous nude shade and it will go with everything. This is my favourite shade from the collection because it is so low maintenance, yet packs a punch and lasts through kisses and chocolate chip cookie eating. Both are very important activities of course.
Even though it is a Saturday afternoon, I am still hedging my bets and wearing Choco Teddy because it goes so well with my black dress and soon to be worn black sunnies. Sometimes it is nice to take the statement out of a gloss and just go easy. Does it get any better than that?

Xx I 


  1. These look great. I love packs like these. It's a great way of trying multiple colours without having to buy full size products.

    I like the Lancome lipglosses, but find the price a bit much, especially when you can pick up something at Priceline for a third of the price.

    1. Me too, they are just amazing:)

      I know the price is a little exxy but it's nice with a little everyday luxury xx

  2. I love these! They look great. Ive been a fan of Lancome Juicy Tubes ever since I knew makeup existed!! :)

    New follower here btw

    The Misty Mom

    1. Me too Sharina, I remember when I first heard about Juicy Tubes xx

  3. Love these swatches and I love packs! I've yet to finish an entire tube so would prefer to get several minis for the price of a full sized!

    I never really got into the Juicy Tubes though! Not a hugs fan. Xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous lady:) I love the mini tubes X


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