Travel Tip: Bring a Mini Polish

We all know that chipping nail polish is very annoying. When I went on my theme park extravaganza on the Gold Coast, I had a feeling that my polish wouldn't last. I wanted to put LUMINail to the ultimate test but I sadly ran out of time and had to settle for a normal polish. I went for Essie's Meet me at Sunset which I have in a mini bottle which is perfect for travel. The fun coral colour just spoke to me and seemed perfect for a little holiday.
After day two the polish was pretty much gone and I knew it was time for intervention. Because I couldn't be bothered bringing nail polish remover and cotton buds, I just polished over it for a neat result.
It looked as good as new and I was ready for more theme parks and it lasted until we got home. No need for Shellac or other long-lasting polishes.
I also think mini polishes are brilliant because let's face it, it is an extreme achievement to finish a whole bottle of nail polish. Breaking the bottle does not count.

How do you like your nails to look on holidays? Are you a fan of the mini bottle?

Xx I


  1. I love Essie polishes, and actually prefer the mini bottles. I have this colour too from a mini cube, and I love it!

    1. They are so cute. Their mini cubes are too adorable! x


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