Travel: Movie World on the Gold Coast

From Saturday night to Tuesday evening I was at the Gold Coast with my de-facto sister Cait and we had such a good time! Our main goal was the theme parks and we managed to cross off all four in just three days. Not a bad effort indeed counting the fact that it was a public holiday on Monday plus school holidays.

We spent Sunday in Movie World and it was absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great but it wasn't cold either. According to a tourist brouchure the Gold Coast promises over 300 days a year filled with sunshine, but we got grey weather. The first thing that met us in the car park on Sunday morning was the roller coaster we would soon learn was the Green Lantern. It is quite compact but packs a punch!
After a refreshing theme park breakfast at Arthur's Bakery we lined up for the Scooby Doo spooky ride. We weren't quite sure what we would be doing but it seemed like it would be like one of the ghost houses which I really like. The beginning of the ride was a little bland and I was feeling quite bored and disappointed. When I thought the ride was about to end, our cart was lifted in an elevator whilst swinging from side to side until we reached the top of our destination. We then fell backwards into a slump and after being turned 180 degrees we started our roller coaster descent in a dark room with only lasers as guidance. It was fantastic and a beautiful start to the day!
Our next ride was a log ride and I absolutely love them! This one was a six minute ride so the waiting in line versus ride experience was great value. The last drop is quite high and really exciting. I really liked it.
We were walking past the Roxy Theatre when a man was standing there handing out 3D glasses. We decided to join the session as it was about to start in three minutes and we also didn't have to wait in line. I hadn't been to a 4D screening before and I thought it was amazing. You sit in modified cinema chairs and as the characters fall, jump or sneeze, your chair moves/blows out air/water is blown out. It was so fun and I don't think I can go back to regular 3D anymore. 4D is definitely the way forward.
Our next ride destination was the Superman Escape roller coaster. Because the line was about 45 minutes, I decided to get a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone first in the flavour mint chocolate chip. So delicious and a great decision since it gave me something to do whilst waiting. This roller coaster is hailed as one of the best ones in the Southern Hemisphere and I have to agree. As the coaster starts you are shot upwards really fast - it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2 seconds. TWO seconds! It is absolutely incredible and such a thrill! The straight down drop afterwards doesn't hurt either.
We also did a roller coaster called Arkham Asylum which is based on the Joker's asylum from the Batman movies. This was the point where I almost hit the wall because I was over excited and needed to eat something too. The roller coaster was great, scary and a little rattly so I was ready for a break. We ended up getting chicken burgers from the Gotham City Cafe and it was so good. Just what we needed.
Whilst we were waiting for our burgers to be prepared, we were lucky enough in our timing that the parade started driving past. You can also spy the Scooby Doo spooky ride building in the background.
 We saw Bugs Bunny and Tweetie Bird.
 Then there was Daffy Duck who is my favourite. He is just so funny.
 Next up was Scooby Doo in his hippy looking ride.
 Then there was the amazing Batman. I would love to drive the BatMobile, it looks like a fab car.
Next ip we did the Batwing and I was really nervous. It shoots you up 60 metres in the air and I actually had my back turned against it for most of the time we were waiting. I was also desperately trying to come up with excuses to Cait about why I could not do it but she wasn't letting me off the hook. Despite being so scared, it ended up being an amazing experience and such a rush. I would have done the ride twice in a row had the line not been so long. I am really glad I did it and it just goes to show how important it is to step out of your comfort zone.
We also did the Green Lantern which was a really good coaster but also slightly terrifying. After it takes you up you sort of drop downwards and in (you can see the sland by the logo) and that was a little uncomfortable. It was good fun and there were so many teenage girls screaming that I thought I would go deaf.
We also did a new ride called the Justice League and it is in the section called Thrill Rides. Since we wanted to complete all the Thrill Rides we did this one too but it was really boring. You sit in a cart and have a laser gun with you and shoot on targets that appear on the walls as well as in 3D. Whilst the 3D aspect was cool, the rest just didn't work for me. It is still in technical tests so I do think they have a few kinks to iron out.

For our last ride we did the log ride again and it was just as good as the first time. Unfortunately we sat with heavier people this time around and got quite soaked so it was nice to go back to where we were staying and drying off. We then watched the NRL grand final with some sparkling wine before we got our beauty sleep for another big day in the theme parks. It was a fantastic Sunday!

Who is your favourite Looney Tunes character? Do you like scary rides or do you prefer to stay on the ground?

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  1. I LOVED movie world when I went earlier this year. We went just as school holidays had ended so we rarely had to queue very long. The gold coast is amazing. Wish I could live there forever!

    1. Isn't it an amazing place Jen? I had the best time:) Now I want to go back! x

  2. This looks amazing, thank you for sharing your trip with us. It's been 2 decades since I last went to these theme parks but it looks like it was so much fun!

    I think I have become somewhat of a chicken though, as I don't think I'd have gone on any of these! I used to enjoy it when I was younger and then I turned 9 and realised what fear was. :P

    1. You are so welcome gorgeous!

      I used to be brave as a kid, then a scaredy cat and I'm back to brave again. Stay tuned, I will be updating with some bravery tips soon to make those scary rides more exciting x

    2. I found that the rides were generally scary the first time around but once you went on them 3 or 4 times, you kind of actually got bored while hanging upside down in mid air!

  3. I'm so happy you had a good trip. I loved movie world and I was quite excited to meet my favourite character there: Shrek!


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