Review: Clearasil PerfectaWash

For me, the brand Clearasil brings back memories of the blue bottle many of my friends used in their teens. I didn't really have any problems with my skin until my twenties and I therefore didn't use it but now my skin is fairly sensitive and I try and look after it as best as I can. I do have a pet hate though, and that is wasting product because the bottle neck might be too wide or there just isn't an even application. I was therefore thrilled to try the new Clearasil PerfectaWash which actually dispenses an exact amount 1.5 mls every time. This may not sound like much but it is a perfect amount of cleanser. And if you want more you can just go back for seconds. It is also exciting just having to wave your hand under the dispenser too (I am all about the gadgets), without having to open or close a lid.
The PerfectaWash Starter Pack comes with the Superfruit Extracts Cleanser and despenser for $19.99. Re-fills and the Soothing Plant Extracts cleanser are available for purchase for $11.99.
Assembling the PerfectaWash is really easy. You just put the cleanser into the dispenser and that's that. There are instructions provided but you don't really need them.
There are also three batteries provided so I didn't have to go on a last-minute grocery run. Oh the relief!
Both cleansers contains Vitamin E for soothing purposes and Super Fruit Extract cleanser also contains raspberry and cranberry extracts. It has a very pleasant scent. The Soothing Plant Extract cleanser is nice and gentle but still strong enough to deal with breakouts.
This was actually the first time my boyfriend has shown interest in facial cleansing. I have already converted him to moisturising and eye cream but this was the last barrier and he finally is on board. He was impressed with the cleanser and loved the way it felt afterwards because it is such a nice and clean feeling. 
Whilst I liked the Super Fruit Extract cleanser, and the antioxidants it contains is a bonus, it didn't suit my skin type and I made the switch to the Soothing Plant Extract cleanser. It was a much better fit for my skin and I could feel that it was clearing up whilst also maintaining nourishment. It is also a very economical option because each time you cleanse it only costs about 20 cents. 

Sometimes skin can get irritated if too much product is applied and it's therefore great to have a dispenser because you get an even dispension every time. I also like the design and look of the gadget but it is obviously not handy for travelling. The PerfectaWash prefers to have its spot in the bathroom and stay there. It also has a convenient on/off switch on the back so that if you want to switch cleansers you can do it without lots of product running out. 

I will continue to use the Soothing Plant Extract and I have been very happy with the result. I use it once a day and it is a great start to the morning. There has also been no eye stinging either which I am thrilled about because I don't have much time for pain. 

Have you used Clearasil before? Thoughts on the PerfectaWash?

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This product was provided for consideration. This has not affected my opinion. Please see my disclosure policy here.


  1. I really like the dispenser :) so nifty!

    1. I know! It is absolutely brilliant:) x

  2. I've seen that around at Priceline but I'm not a fan of clearasil. Any idea if the refill containers can be drained out to put our own cleanser in it? I bet it doesn't but someone could get rick quick by making a self fillable cleanser dispenser haha :P

    1. Now that is a sensational idea! I am sure that could be possible X

  3. I would be so tempted to buy this just for the dispenser alone!

    Gimmicks get me every time lol.


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