OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise

Sometimes a gal just needs a blue polish that reminds her of the glittering sea. With a mix of blue and green, Austin-Tatious Turquoise from OPI is perfection. It is from the Texas Collection and I really like it. I also had the chance to try OPI's Drip Dry for the first time and I must say, it is very good. No air bubbles as of yet but further testing needs to be undertaken.

Whilst the polish is quite glittery, it was actually surprisingly easy to take off. Applying a base coat beforehand always helps so I made sure to use my Nail Envy as usual.
I really like the colour and it certainly stands out. I would love to do a regular blue mani with this as a feature nail or alternatively as the French tip on a mint manicure. Aaaah so many colours to choose and so little time for nail painting.
I'm probably not the only one but I always find that I always feel so much better after having applied nail polish. I feel more put together and I like having different colours depending on my mood or what the occassion is.

Do you like blue nails? Are you a feelgood nail polisher too?



  1. This is such a pretty shade on you, missy! I was wearing blue too, great minds think alike. ;) Stay tuned for a NOTD soon.

    I love those Drip Dry Drops, they work a treat. Having said that though, since I switched topcoats I find I never have to use them anymore!

    1. Thank you gorgeous! Blue is fab:) Xx


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