My Gold Coast Purchases

I didn't do a lot of shopping on the Gold Coast but a few things were compulsory. I got these Roxy shorts in Movie World for $42 (down from $60). They were perfect for Wet n Wild and they got a workout the next day.

Unfortunately the shorts led to some unfortunate chafing and as it was a public holiday, I went into a gas station and picked up the first thing I could find. It turned out to be a highly effective ointment called Sudocrem and it really heals. From now on this has a firm spot in my emergency kit and I don't know what I would have done without it. I really recommend Sudocrem for when you need quick healing in a jiffy. It also cost less than $10 in a gas station so it is a budget friendly option too.
At the airport the Smiggle store had a sale on pens so I picked up five pens for five dollars. Never mind the fact that I have a hundred pens already. There is always room for more. The crazy thing about it is that the before price was $24.
My favourite purchase though, and it was actually a gift from Cait, were my season passes to all the theme parks. That means that until June 2013 I can go back again and again. I can't wait!
Otherwise I have been really good with my spending lately, I have been saving money for upcoming travels and just for the peace of mind of having money in my savings account.

What are your recent purchases? Do you love a season pass as much as I do?

Xx I


  1. Your trip looked like so much fun!!

  2. Ohh no you poor thing :( Hopefully the chaffing has disappeared. Baby Powder is great for preventing it, because it dries the area and makes it harder for chaffing to happen.

  3. Sudo Cream is so great for nappy rash - it fixes it right up. Husband has called it crack cream for some time now as it gets put on Evie's crack. Now Evie calls it crack cream and your timing is amazing because it was just this morning that Evie covered Dolly in crack cream....from head to toe! It is great stuff!!

  4. i wanna travel now :(

    gorgeous shorts!


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