Legally Blonde - The Musical at Lyric Theatre

I recently saw Legally Blonde the musical at Lyric Theatre in Sydney. I love the original Legally Blonde movies, and Elle Woods is the perfect heroine for smart and independent women. 
Because Elle Woods is quite clear about her preference for the colour pink, after all it is the only colour on her spectrum, I went wearing matching pink lips and nails. 

I think Chanel May is one of my favourite nail colours of all time. The coverage is excellent and the quality is so high. I also went with the Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake on my lips.
I love it when my nails and lips match although I don't do it too often because I change my mind too often. Maybe I should do it more.
I also managed to take a sneaky photo of the stage. They are not keen on photographies in the Lyric Theathre at all so I was chuffed with my pic.
I have to say that Legally Blonde was an incredibly good musical filled with big sets, quick scene changes, lots of Delta Nu girls squeeling "Oh My God You Guys", bend and snaps, two cute dogs (a chiuaua and a bulldog), sequins, glitter, fantastic singing, great dancing and much more. Performers on stage included Rob Mills, Erika Heynatz and Lucy Durack who was a gorgeous and talented Elle Woods. I also have major hair envy of her long blonde locks.

Are you a fan of Legally Blonde? How often do you match your lippy and nails?

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  1. I love the Legally Blonde movies- such classics! I didn't realise they had made a musical - hope it comes to Melbourne soon :)

    1. Me too! I am tempted to have another Legally Blonde marathon on the weekend x

  2. I went to the show before it opened as part of the blogging conference Beauty Bloggers Utopia, but we didn't know until the morning that we were going so I didn't get to pink it up! Glad I can enjoy your gorgeous nails and lip butter anyway, you look great.


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