Gold Coast: Wet n Wild, Dream World and White Water World

In my previous post I wrote about our amazing and terrifying day in Movie World. The next morning we disregarded the grey sky and drove to Wet n Wild for a day of water fun. I love water slides and it was a lot of fun. One of the rides we did is called the Kamikaze and you sit in a two person ring and the slide is shaped like a half moon. You drop 11 metres before going up on the other side and then back again. It was so fun but I was glad I was not the one having to have my back against the drop. There is something to be said for being able to see where you are going.
After lots of fun slides, the cold took over and we simply could not go on for longer. It just wasn't enjoyable and we felt cold in our cossies. At around lunch time we left and went to nearby Dream World.
This was the sight that met us in the car park and I started shaking in my boots (also known as Havaiianas). The roller coaster in the front is called the BuzzSaw and it is just crazy. It starts by going up to the left and you hang at a 90 degree angle, before being up side down in the twist and then it goes really quickly back to the straight wall and you think that you will go around again. You then slide from side to side until it stops and you are back down on the ground. I will admit, I was a little shaky after this one - it is quite extreme.
Because I didn't feel done with the water slides and there were very few people there, we went to WhiteWater World which is part of Dream World. It was great! I did all the slides and had such fun, whilst Cait could relax and be photographer for a bit. The longest I had to wait for a slide was ten minutes so I didn't get too cold.
The slide in the middle was my favourite, everything is black and you have little lights guiding you but you don't know where you're going.
I then did the Octopus slide race (I lost) and you lie on a mat and race against others. I was a bit slow on the start because it is slightly scary having your head first but I got there in the end. Because of the angle of the slide you never have time to turn around and my eyes were filled with water. It was great fun!
Back to Dream World and we ended our day by doing the Big Drop which is 120 metres tall. It takes you up to the top, you hang there for about 30 seconds and then it drops you whilst reaching the speed of up to 135 km/hour. It is crazy! I was nervous and we walked out once, but we came back and did it and it was just excellent. The fall is 39 storeys and Dream World calls it the "closest thing to skydiving". I can't compare as such but it was a great feeling when the drop happens.
The next morning the weather was better and I had a white chocolate and blueberry scone on the way to Dream World. I tell myself it's healty because of the blueberries but I don't think I'm fooling anyone.
We were early and the line was massive. You can see the BuzzSaw from another angle and it still looks just as scary thanks to the twist.
What's a better way to start the day than by doing the Big Drop again? It was great, but the day before we sat next to a father and a daughter and he was calming her down and talking about the sights we were seeing. It had such a relaxing effect. This morning unfortunately we had a crying child next to us and that had the opposite effect. I felt so bad for her but she was brave for doing it.
We also saw the tigers in their lair. They are magnificent animals
We also did the Cyclone roller coaster twice. It is so cool how it is part of the water park and the two loops are just excellent. I know that there are many people who are scared of fast rides and I am one of them but these are the things I do to calm down:

- I triple check the security harnesses and equipment. I literally try and break myself out from a ride and when I can't, I'm satisfied that I'm safe. Safe being a relative word.
- I grin like a maniac. It does actually help because it gets you in the mood and your body relaxes more because of the smile.
- I do deep yoga breaths before the ride takes off. Again, relaxing for the body and the mind.
- It also helps that accidents in theme parks are quite rare and that if something is to go wrong, at least I am in a happy place when it potentially happens.
- Seeing kids doing the rides is both helpful and unhelpful. It helps because you think, oh if they can do it, I can do it. On the other hand, many kids don't have the fear that adults do because they haven't yet realised all the things that can go wrong so they don't know what they are in for.
Since this was our last day, we left around lunch time and made the treck to Sea World to check out the marine life. Naturally we needed a snack for the ride and the popcorn was absolutely delicious.
Stay tuned for the Sea World post, there will be dolphins and cute penguins! Adorable.

Do you have any scary ride tips? Scared of heights? Love the thrill?

Xx I


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time. I went there in January and it was raining the whole 2 weeks (I know, wtf) so heaps of things were shut at all of the parks and it sucked a lot :(

  2. I AM getting old...those rides scare me so much! Even just thinking about them scares me! ha!

  3. When I visited Dreamworld a few years back I went on the Giant Drop by myself. We must have been the first people to enter the park on the day and my parents nearly had a heart attack when they saw no one else was on the ride :)


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