Gold Coast: Sea World

After having spent the morning in Dream World, we drove to Sea World and I was really glad we went there. Initially I had considered skipping Sea World because we only had three days at the Gold Coast and some friends had told me it was mainly for kids. In the end we had the time and it was well worth the visit. There was a dolphin and penguin nursery for goodness sake! Too much cuteness in one place.
We started with the penguins and saw some gorgeous ones. They are all so Happy Feet, don't you think? I have actually seen penguins in the wild before, in South Africa and in Manly by the ferry wharf but these were much bigger. They were all yapping about and playing for their audience. In the right hand corner you can see a penguin nesting on its egg and I actually thought it was a fake one at first because it was so still. It started stirring and I quickly realised that it was just a mumma doing an important job.
Next up we checked out the Polar Bears. I have to admit that this does not sit right with me because they are animals that thrive in the cold (think Canada and Svalbard which is a Norwegian Island in the Artic). To think that these animals are in the Gold Coast is a little strange. On the upside these polar bears are orphans and are being well looked after. It is quite the conundrum and I just have to hope that they have good lives here.
I think he was a bit hot and he stayed mostly in the shade. In the brochure it said that Sea World had created and Arctic enclosure for the Polar Bears but I didn't see any ice or snow. Hopefully the fur doesn't make them too hot.
Moving on and we checked out the shark tank and we saw this cross between a shark and a sting ray. Quite interesting indeed.
Cait and I did wonder if the shark eat the fish that are there as a snack and maybe they feel like they are living on borrowed time. I hope not because they are so pretty.
We also did a walk through of Dinosaur Island where they had lifesized dinosaurs that moved their heads and tails, whilst making noises. This is T-Rex.
Afterwards we saw a thrilling sea lion show called Buddy and Clawde. It was fantastic, the sea lions are just so clever! I do feel for the bad guy who was captured and given mouth to mouth THREE times by a sea lion. It was hilarious to watch.
We then made our way over to the Dolphin Show and it was amazing. Their tricks are wonderful and they can jump so high. They also mimic what their trainer is doing so if the trainer wiggles her hips, dancing ensues. 
I must admit that when the dolphins swam away whilst waving with their flipper I shed a tear or five. It was just so graceful and serene.
I really enjoyed my afternoon in Sea World and would definitely go back to check out some more shows and to look at the animals again. Sea World does very important work in conservation and treating of animals and it is important to support their efforts.

Have you been to Sea World before? What is your favourite sea animal?

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  1. I went to Goldcoast on my anniversary last year and visited Sea World. I loved it :) I'm a bit of a sucker for penguins.

    I also ended up being dragged into the pirate show they do at the big ship near the entrance - I got proposed to by one of the pirates with my husband sitting next to me!

  2. I just love the Gold Coast - great weather and such a buzz! I was however, disappointed with Sea World...I think I must be getting old!I did love the penguins to bits!!

  3. -Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.


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