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I spent last week in Melbourne with work and had the best time. Sensational food, ok weather and everything went well. On Sunday we were Auckland bound but hit a few glitches on our way. We were too early to check in and then when we checked in we were told our late flight would be leaving an hour later thanks to daylight savings. We then couldn't access the Qantas lounge because it was closed and we ended up waiting in a sad airport bar for four hours. Thankfully the lounges were nice and comfortable but it was all just a little boring and I really wanted to have a shower and freshen up.

To pass the time I went for a walk around the shops and i found the fragrance that had been on my wish list for a while. Not only was it duty free, it was also on sale and there was only one left. It was all very much meant to be and I was very excited to pick it up as a little bad day treat.

I'm not going to lie, I do love self-gifting and especially if I have deserved it. Yes it meant breaking Project 50 pan (again) but I had a good excuse and it seems like I just can't get away from airport spending. I haven't opened the perfume yet though, I'm saving it for when I get back to Sydney.

I am also loving my time in Auckland. Although the weather could improve and it took me less than a day to purchase thermals and a fleece. Now I'm on the hunt for pants to match my rain jacket which I'm sure I'll find soon. The rain also starts and stops all the time and I've seen too many rainbows to count on two hands. Very pretty but I feel like we're having four seasons in one day.

Are you a fan of self-gifting? Do you like perfume shopping? Any Auckland tips?

Xx I

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  1. I am definitely a fan of self gifting. I think you were just meant to buy that perfume, I do like it but I'm generally not a huge fan of rose perfumes, which is why I don't own it. :P

    Glad you enjoyed your time in Melbourne (we should have met up!)!

    1. Self gifting is the best:) I am just loving it more and more.

      I would have loved to but it was all work and no fun. Next time we will meet up for sure X


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