Anniversary Dinner

A couple a weeks ago it was our three year anniversary and we went out for a gorgeous dinner at Sauce, our favourite restaurant. Because we were both starving after work I kept my look very simple with just some NARS blush, a pony tail and 1Skinsolutions tinted lip balm in Coconut Plum. I also wore the sweather I wore when I first met Mike almost four years ago. It is crazy how time flies!
When we got to Sauce he ordered a special occassion beer (Crown) and I had a Saucioska which is just  a lime and lychee caprioska. So delicious!
I also ordered my favourite dish which is the "corn fed chicken supreme with crispy crushed potato, rocket & spicy chive cream sauce". It is so good, and I can't help but order it every single time. I sometimes get stuck in a rut at certain restaurants and don't venture on the menu but I think that when you find something good, it's great just to stick with it. As a side I had some chips with a Sticky Bourbon sauce. Again, super delicious. Mike had ribs and steak and he loved it too. A Sauce meal is always a great meal.
In my gorgeous clutch from Portmans, which was a birthday gift, I brought all the necessities for a perfect date night.
I have to say that I love date night and it is all too rare that we have time to do it. Anniversaries are a perfect excuse!

What is your favourite meal? How do you celebrate your anniversary? 



  1. Dave and I started dating just after Big Day Out in 2003 so for a couple of years we'd celebrate our anniversary by going to BDO. We don't anymore however I did suggest it for next year as it'll be out 10 year but we decided on Soundwave instead which is about 6 weeks later.

    Usually we stay at the Sofitel in Melbourne and go to dinner somewhere yummy. Lately it's been at Rare Steakhouse.

    I'm not sure what we'll do for the next one as it's the big 1-0. I'm sure it'll be pretty chill either way.

    1. What a great way to celebrate! The big ten will have to be a fantastic celebration, I'm sure! x

  2. Big congratulations, I did read this earlier but somehow couldn't comment from my iPhone!

    You looked absolutely gorgeous! The food also looked really fab!

    My boy and I don't really do anniversaries, although we've just passed our fourth! I think we will have to make more of an effort from now on, but we do celebrate birthdays and Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you wonderful Nalini!

      Congrats on your fourth! X


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