Weekend Treat: Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Creme Brulee

Last night we had friends over for dinner and I always make dessert. I would love to bake more often but I don't like being stuck with too many treats (I eat too many) so I prefer to do it when people are coming over or if there is a family gathering. When it comes to dessert I prefer to pre-arrange them so that I don't have to worry about it when the guests are here. Mike is an excellent cook and takes care of the main and entree. I wanted to make a creme brulee and found a great recipe from the UK edition of Delicious Magazine. This is also a cheap dessert because I paid $15 for the ingredients (I already had the salt) and it produced seven brulees. Not bad at all.

The ingredients needed are:
150 g dark chocolate (must be 70% cocoa or more, so I went with 72%)
600 ml double cream (couldn't find it so I went with thickened cream)
1 vanilla pod (no one in Woolworths knew what it was so I had to go to a second store to get it)
6 large eggs (tick)
40 g caster sugar (second tick)

For the salted caramel:
200 g granulated sugar (couldn't find it but a quick google search told me it is white sugar. Too easy)
Sea salt flakes (pantry item. No shopping required)

I am a big fan of Whittaker's peanut and coconut slabs and the dark Ghana was no disappointment either. It smells amazing and because I had 100 grams too much there are currently leftovers stored in my fridge. Maybe it's just me but I really like cold chocolate. It just tastes better.
 The easiest part was just breaking up the chocolate into small pieces, prime for melting.
Then in another pot I added the thickened cream, the seeds from the vanilla pod and the pod itself. Whilst it heated up I stirred until it reached almost boil. I then poured it over the chocolate so that it could melt and come together.
Whilst that was happening I separated my egg yolks from the egg whites and mixed the yolks with the sugar.
I then added it in the chocolate and cream pot and heated it up. It cooked for about 5-10 minutes until it reached a thicker consistency.
 It was so smooth and glossy!
 I had a taste, and it was utterly delicious. So rich and tasty.
I poured the mix into seven ramekins, four small and four medium sized, and after they had cooled for 40 minutes I placed them in the fridge for a few hours. I had worried about them not setting and had a plan b of serving chocolate soup but I had nothing to worry about, it worked really well.
After the brulees had been in the fridge for about five hours I started on the caramel concoction. I added sugar, salt and water in a pan and let it slowly heat up.
After ten minutes I had a dark and glossy caramel and I let it rest for two minutes like the recipe said. Unfortunately this meant that it set too well and I couldn't pour it on top of the ramekins like planned. I therefore put it on the stove again and heated it up so that it was more liquid.
 My first attempt was not a success. It was like a caramel sculpture lost in chocolate land.
 The others were pretty blobby too but it is all about the taste and since I am not on Masterchef our guests did not mind at all.
After all, it comes down to the taste and it was really good. Rich, creamy and full of chocolate. Too be quite honest, if I was to make this again I would skip the caramel element and have fresh berries and whipped cream with it instead because it would taste a little lighter and fresher.
Both Mike and our guests loved it and I have added this recipe to my steady dessert collection. I will make it again for sure.

What is your favourite dessert? Do you love creme brulee as much as I do?

Xx I


  1. Ooh they look so good, I've never been a creme brulee fan as I don't like anything too creamy or vanilla tasting but with the chocolate I reckon I could give this a go for sure!

    1. Yes the chocolate makes all the difference! x

  2. oooh i looooove brulee - i may even make this one even though i "dont cook"

    1. Brulee is the best. Just love it x

  3. Yumm, I am definitely going to try these! I like your adaption idea with the cream and berries.

    1. Yay! You are in for a treat Carly x

  4. Yum! I love salted caramel anything. I might try to make this :)

  5. Brulee is definitely my favourite dessert and this looks so good! Well done! xx

    1. It's one of my favourites too. I can still remember the first brulee I tasted x

  6. YUUUM!! Looks delicious! :) Def trying that sometime soon!
    Have a great weekend!




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