Project 50 Pan - Still Going.

I am still going with P50P and it is coming along swimmingly. Very happy to finish some products, and sad about saying goodbye to others. At the last count I had 35 products to go and I now have 27 products left before the challenge is over. Almost half way and it feels great. My bank balnace is feeling healthier too since I am not beauty spending at the moment.
I have finished the Lanolips Rose Balm Intense and it will be missed. My hands have been well moisturised throughout winter and since the tube isn't big it fits into the smallest of handbags. I really like it and will be re-purchasing when I next need a hand cream. I do recommend!

The Nature's Minerals Blush from the Body Shop has been absolutely wonderful but I just never got around to finishing it. Sadly it has expired and I am sad to say goodbye. It was great value for money and gave my cheeks a lovely flush, but time got away from me. If I ever run out of blushes, this one is on the to-buy list for sure.

A disappointing product for me was the Estee Lauder Cooling Eye Illuminator. It is a really cool concept and when you apply it there is a cooling effect, but my eye area never felt moisturised and the illumination alone was not good enough. The tube is travel friendly but the lid can be hard to take off. I am glad I bought this when there was a GWP on so that I got some other lovely products at the same time. This just didn't work for me and I would not re-purchase.

The Lanolips Lemonaid Ointment is one of my favourites, and luckily I have one in backup. It smells wonderful, is a natural exfoliant on your lips whilst also being natural and moisturising at the same time. Great shine, gloss and beautiful packaging. A winner in my books.

The Rainbath shower gel from Neutrogena has been absolutely wonderful this winter thanks to the pump bottle, its refreshing scent and ease of use. It is also quite moisturising and will be missed. I would re-purchase again and again. Priceline has specials on Neutrogena often so there is almost always a special on. Even better for the wallet.

A Breath of Fresh Air from LUSH is just lovely and perfect for an airconditioned/airplane environment. It has kind of a salty feel to it but it delivers great results as a moisturising and refreshing toner. I have too many spritzers on the go at the moment so I would not re-purchase this but maybe in the future.

The YSL lippy was a massive disappointment because the colour was all wrong and I never got around to liking it. Whilst the packaging is lovely, I have to say goodbye to this little friend. I might have a look in duty free when I go to Auckland to see if there is a more suitable shade for me. Then again, I have so many lip products to go through that I really don't need another one. I think I'll just put it on the Christmas wishlist instead.

I once had an AHAVA facial and it was so lovely. I ended up purchasing the Intensive Hydration Mask which is just so lovely! With ingredients from the Deep Sea it is like a mud mask without the heaviness. I have often applied this at night or after a long flight for recovery and my skin always responded well to its goodness. I would re-purchase this in a heartbeat. Preferably after having had the facial again. A little pampering is never a bad thing!

Which products have you been happy or sad to say goodbye to lately?



  1. I love project pans! I don't know how you guys do it but I love reading all about them :)

  2. You're doing so well Ingrid!

    The Lanolips Lemonaid Ointment is one of my faves too and I'm still currently using it.

    1. Thank you Rose, glad you're a Lemonaid fan too x

  3. You are doing so well, Ingrid! I don't think I could do a bit project pan but I do get a little thrill every time I finish something. :)

    1. Oh I know the feeling, it is just great! x

  4. Congrats on your progress. I'm doing P100P at the moment and it's so great to read about everyone else's progress.
    I've ben using the Rose Balm Intense before I goto bed and I really like it but I'm not really liking the smell!

    1. Wow, P100P is so impressive! I couldn't do that x


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