Project 50 Pan: Round Two

It's time for another Project 50 Pan update and I have been a busy little bee. Although I broke my spending ban slightly in Victoria's Secret (I was like a kid in a candy store), it has gone really well. I am enjoying discovering forgotten products and also having more space in my beauty storage.
First up is the Peony Rose Body Wash from Witchery. It smells quite nice, but a little too strong and it was quite drying on my skin. Another disadvantage was that the pump bottle stopped working so I ended up using it as a bath oil instead. I would not re-purchase the body wash.

The Dove Heat Defence Therapy is something I use if my hair has air dried the day before and if I want to curl or straighten my hair. It is a great budget buy, has a lovely scent and has lasted an age. I would re-purchase the spray.

My absolute favourite, and I am super sad to see it go, is the Comvita Hydrating Toning Mist. It contains gorgeous Manuka honey and I use it both as a refreshing spray and for setting my makeup. Comvita is a natural brand and I really want to try other products from them because the mist is so fantastic. I will definitely re-purchase the mist because it is one of the best I have ever used.

A great makeup remover is important at night and I have really enjoyed the eye makeup remover pads from Almay. Perfect for sensitive peepers, I used these to remove makeup at night and had no pain and it was very effective. The problem was that although the jar has a lid, the top pad would become dry and I had to throw away quite a few of them because of it. I would re-purchase the makeup remover because it is great for travelling, but I would buy the smaller jar, not the bonus version that I got the first time around. 

The next product has been slightly controversial, some love it and others just aren't fans. I am in the second camp. The Garnier BB cream promises to be a miracle skin perfector, but my problem is that it makes my face look really shiny (terrible in photos) and it doesn't blend well at the jaw line. Whilst I would not re-purchase this product, I am interested in trying the new oil-free version that has just been released. Stay tuned!

The Rub Rub Rub scrub from Lush is really fun. I mean really really fun! It is blue, smells invigorating and it's filled with natural ingredients. The scrub is at the bottom of the jar, and there is blue water on top. The idea is that you mix the two and apply it on your body. I have used it both as a body wash and as a scrub. Lush also says you can use this in your hair if you're short on time but I haven't done that yet. I would like to re-purchase this product but I will probably be distracted by the other fabulous products in Lush so I might try another scrub next time. 
The Jurlique Love Balm is one of those gorgeous multi-purpose products that come in a tin which is perfect for your handbag, for flights and for the office. It is a cult product with a beautifull scent and I use it on my lips, eye brows, cuticles and any dry areas that need a little attention. I would re-purchase this product, although I would love a version with SPF.

When it comes to lip balms, I like mine as natural as possible. The Berry Bang lip balm from Bloom smells good enough to eat and it moisturises my lips so well. It has been one of my most reliable lip balms and if I would re-purchase it if I needed a new lip balm. 

I own many nail polishes, and unfortunately they sometimes go off. I have to this day never finished a bottle of polish so I really should start buying less and using more of what I have. Hello Sunshine from Sportsgirl's Nail It! is a fantastic yellow colour which brightens even the darkest days. Another bright colour is Shop Loves Sunset from Kit Cosmetics Nail Polish. It's perfectly coral pink and it is a gorgeous colour for spring. Sadly, both bottles of polish have started to split and I am letting them go. I would still be interested in purchasing polish from Sportsgirl and Kit, I would just need to make room in my collection first.

Another disappointment is the OPI RapiDry TopCoat. I really liked it in the beginning, it worked really well and the formula is fantastic. Whilst the bottle says that it has a 24 month use by date, the TopCoat has stopped working as well as it used to. I get air bubbles on my manicure and it is not great. I would re-purchase the TopCoat only if it came as a mini size because I think I could actually finish the bottle before it goes too bubbly. 

Including these eleven products, I have 35 products to go before I finish P50P. It hasn't even been that hard because I have been so busy. I haven't had time to shop for beauty products or even browse in tempting shop window displays. Although if someone was to offer me some Chanel, I wouldn't say no. After all, I haven't completely conformed!

Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts on the BB creme?

Xx I


  1. Like most people, I really disliked the original BB cream from Garnier, but I love the new one for combination/oily skin. Such a great product.

    1. That's great to hear Sophie, looking forward to trying it x

  2. I don't really like the BB cream, the original. It also leaves my face really shiny and the light is too light for my face and the medium is too dark so I have to mix them and I just can't be bothered!

    You seem to be doing pretty well with finishing your products though!

    1. I agree V, it's just not that great. I am making great progress, I just love it. Feels so good to finish products X

  3. I have that BB cream but am yet to try it, I am assuming it is just like a tinted moisturiser that I would need to powder. That Comvita spray sounds awesome!

    1. The Comvita spray is the bomb. I just love it:) X

  4. You are going so well!

    I didn't like the original as it broke me out really badly. I have the new one but I haven't used it yet, I want to give my skin time to settle down before I do.

    1. Thank you N, it is going really well:) Let me know what you think of the new one X


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