New Purchase: Victoria's Secret and Townsville

On Thursday we were about an hour too early for our flight (which I don't mind at all), and I actually heard a fun expression yesterday: I'd rather be relaxed at the airport than anxious in a cab, which I totally agree with. After all, we have already established that money and calories don't count in airports. As soon as I spotted Victoria's Secret I knew my P50P had to be put on hold for a little bit because I was on a mission. I had used their body lotion earlier in the year and knew it was a good one so as soon as I could, I dropped my bag with Mike and headed in. There were so many things to look at, so many scents to smell and so much leopard print!
I ended up purchasing three things although I will be back in October because I am going to Melbourne. Hurray!

I bought a Rockin' Body body cream, which is going to make me 5 x sexier, so watch out! Bonus points to Mike for saying I don't need it. I also purchased two Island Bound Hibiscus & Cupuacu Melon body lotions because they smell fantastic. One of these is featured in my first ever giveaway which will be going live tomorrow. Exciting times!
In Townsville I purchased three layering singlets from Bonds, and I love them so much that I am on the hunt for more colours. They are brilliantly cut, comfortable to wear and perfect for layering.
I also purchased a palm print jacket from Dotti (oh em glee!) which had been $70 but I paid $20. Bargain of the week. And although I had promised to stay away from feathers, I couldn't resist the pink feather and gold necklace from Equip. Also a cheapie for $7 (had been $20) and it comes with matching earrings but I think only Queen Beyonce can pull that off.
I didn't do any more shopping because I didn't have too much money with me and I am also concious of only purchasing things I will use. I recently donated three bags of clothing and accessories to charity so there is some more room in my wardrobe, but I am starting with basics and then adding on the fun frilly stuff so that it all works together. Now I just want an occassion to wear my palm print, it's just so fun!

PS - Today marks my sixth anniversary in Australia. I can't believe how fast time has gone - it is absolutely scary.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Xx I


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice time in Townsville. I definitely recommend you visit Noosa Heads I've had so many amazing holiday's there and also the Gold Coast.

    Happy Anniversary for living in Australia!

    It's my 1 month moving into my new flat Anniversary on Thursday, I can't believe it's been a month already. I hope this time next year if I haven't decided to stay here I'll be moving back to Sydney or possibly Melbourne I've still got time to decide and it all depends on finding the right place to live and not paying too much on rent.


    1. Thank you Karen. Noosa is definitely on my list, as is the Gold Coast because I LOVE theme parks.

      I hope you are loving life in the flat, seems like such a nice location! I'm sure you will figure it out, just follow your instinct. Good luck:) X

  2. You had me at leopard print...! I think they were all fantastic purchases, especially your bargains - well done! xx

    1. It's all about the leopard. Gotta love a bargain;) X

  3. I'm loving the Bonds singlets and the melon body lotions look divine! Why are you coming to Melbourne in October? We're coming to Sydney in a few weeks!! Exciting times!

    1. Exactly! Need every Bonds colour now and I'll be set for summer. I'm going to Melbs for work so will be busy but I am looking forward to it. Sydney will be very exciting, enjoy! X

  4. Happy Anniversary! I agree, time flies, I have been in Melbourne for almost 11 years now...OMG!

    I also love those Bonds singlets (I really want one) and that cute jacket (though I don't think I could pull it off).

    PS, if you're coming to Melbourne, we should catch up!

    1. Thank you N! 11 years is such a long time:)

      I got compliments on my jacket yesterday and people couldn't believe it was only $20. Such a bargain.

      Would love to see you but I think it will be very busy. Will see what we can do:) Xx

  5. OMG there is Victorias Secret in Australia now!! Wooo hoo! Hope they open a store near me sometime very soon or at least an online store :)
    Happy anniversary btw Australia is really a lovely place to live

    1. Yes there is Billi! There are five at different airports and they are expanding. So far they have accessories, body products, makeup and underwear so hopefully they expand their range soon - want their bras and trackies X


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