LUMINail Part Two: The Removal + Longevity

Yesterday I posted on the LUMINail starter kit and today I will share about the removal plus how long it lasted. The first colour was Caribbean Coral and it lasted for a week before I removed it. One reason it chipped was that I had not sealed the front properly and as such the polish was withdrawing from the top. The thing is, when you apply the polish it all looks fine, but when it is cured with the top coat it kind of shrinks back and that's why it is so important to seal the front of the nails. In terms of removing the polish it is recommended to file slightly on top of the nail to remove the top layer. Then you should swipe ten cottonbuds in the gel remover, apply to nails and seal with tin foil. Just like DIY Shellac removal. My problem was that I was in such a rush and I used the coarsest nail file and ended up taking off too much. It was nothing OPI's Nail Envy couldn't fix but I would still recommend using the gentle file and taking your time. Learn from my mistakes, as always.

Another thing I did every night was either applying rose hip oil or the Lanolips Herbal oil to my cuticles and nails to ensure that they did not dry out. I have also worn more hand cream in the last month than I ever have before so that definitely helped with my nails and keeping my hands moisturised for winter.

Next up is the New York Red. As you can see there was quite a lot of chipping and it was a mix of everything, I wore this in Townsville and there was lots of heat, sea salt water and two flights involved. The first nail chipped as I was opening a plastic wrapping around a deck of card, but it did survive the Coke can test. This polish lasted for ten days so we were still not up to the promised 14 days longevity but I was still happy with the result.
This time I chose a different tactic, I simply just peeled it off. It was really easy and afterwards I just swept a cotton pad with gel remover over the nails and it was removed. This was by far the quickest method and my nails did not get damaged at all.
For Parisian Pink I had perfected my method and the polish lasted for 12 days before any chipping. What happened wasn't actually chipping, but my right pointy finger nail's polish actually just fell off. I was in a shop paying for some exercise gear and I was reaching for my wallet when the polish fell off. My nails were a lot shorter too so that may have helped keeping the chipping away. When I removed the other nine nails I just peeled them off and it is a really easy process. Because the polish has a gel consistency and it gets sealed at the same time, it peels off together and it took me less than a minute. I then swiped the gel remover across and the nails were done. Too easy.

Another bonus with the base and top coat is that you can use regular nail polish as well, just cure the base coat, apply regular polish and give it 20 minutes to dry before applying the second coat which also dries for 20 minutes, and then cure it with the top coat again. This is great since you don't have to overlook your polish collection, but you can still get more mileage out of it.

How do you remove gel polish? What is your favourite nail strengthener?

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  1. I'm so naughty, I generally peel my polish off. Usually in the shower. I just can't be bothered taking it off!

    Looks like a good investment. May have to consider it!

    1. I love nail polish remover but when it comes to LUMINail I prefer just peeling it off. So easy! x

  2. The second my nail polish starts to chip I peel all of it off, it's a bad habit hahaha. This kit still interests me, not sure if i'll get it yet though!

    1. I hate having chipped polish. It is no fun x

  3. This is great information Ingrid. I currently have CND SHellac on my fingers and as I am going away, I will need to take it off myself...I will be using your method (from your older blog entry too!) SO THANK YOU!!!

    1. Enjoy your holiday Alison, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time! x


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