Benefit Sugarbomb Box O' Powder and Gloss

I like it when things match and I was very excited when Benefit launched their matching sets of glosses and box o' powders. There are six sets to choose from and I knew I had to have the nude goodness of Sugarbomb.

The gloss is a pink nude with lots of shimmer. It is gorgeous! The box o' powder has four different colours and creates that beautiful flush on your face and can be layered for more effect or just used as a slight contour. I adore the rose gold packaging and the square brush helps getting the right angle on the cheeks.
The gloss is one of the best I have worn because it isn't too sticky, it doesn't dry up my lips and it lasts. It is also one of those colours that suits everyone. It took a few days to like the box o' powder because I found it to be a little different than the bronzer I usually use, but I needed the change and I like that the compact is handbag friendly and that the brush is "built in". The colour is really flattering and I like having a choice of four colours in the morning instead of just one.
I wore the box o' powder last weekend in Townsville and it survived hours in the sun, including two swims and a snorkle. How good is that?
I'm going away in October and the Sugarbomb combo is definitely coming with me. I am travelling to Melbourne and Auckland and I really just can't wait! I had such a good time on the South Island over New Years and I am excited to get a chance to explore the North Island too. New Zealand is such a gorgeous place. Melbourne is great too, but I will be working lots so I am still trying to figure out if there will be any time for shopping or other escapades.

Do you like using a matching gloss and blush? What is your favourite nude gloss?



  1. Hi Ingrid.
    Love the look of this product and I was just thinking of doing an order through benefit. Just wanted to ask though, how long did it take for your order to arrive? Their website says it could be up to 30 days! eeek.

    1. Hi Leni! I really recommend it:) From memory it took about three weeks to arrive so you have to be patient. Then again, it is about half the price compared to in Australia so it is worth the wait. If you do order, you should add Eye Bright to your order as well because it is absolutely fabulous. Xx

  2. oh Benefit how I love you so..Awesome products doll:)

    Sara xx

  3. Looks awesome! I tagged you in my recent post! You can check it out here: http://lj1224.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/liebster-award.html xoxox

  4. I have been eyeing off Sugarbomb for a while - it looks gorgeous on you!


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