Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit

I'm sure waxing is not on the top of the list of enjoyable things to do for many of us. I have tried and failed before but I was excited to try the new EasyWax kit from Veet. I usually shave my legs and every time I've had a salon wax I haven't been satisfied with the result. The hair either grows back unevenly or quicker than the promised four weeks of hair-freedom. 

The EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit features a wax cartridge that is inserted in the device which you then leave to heat up for 20 minutes. All you need to do is plug it in. This ensures an evenly heated wax and you don't have to mess around with microwaving it. The stand it comes with is also very sturdy so the device won't fall out. Although the recommended warm-up time is 20 minutes I received a tip to keep it on for 30 minutes so that's what I did.
The kit comes with the cord, the stand, a 50 ml wax refill (which should last four sessions) and the device. It's all very beautifully designed and I love the pink, white and coral all together.
You also receive four post depilatory wipes (to remove the wax and to cool down the area), 12 waxing strips and most important of all, great instructions on how to do it all. There are two wax refills available and I received the one recommended for arms and legs. The second refill is a smaller one which should be used on underarms and the bikini line if you are brave enough. There is also a two year guarantee on the kit.
As you can see the refill fits perfectly in the device and it is easily removable too.
After the wax refill has been inserted, pop on the lid and connect the cord. I set my alarm so that I would be reminded when the half an hour window was up. This is an excellent chance to apply a face mask or have a nap to prepare for the waxing. You can also do both at the same time which is always my game plan!
My first attempt with the EasyWax was quite unsuccessful and it was actually my mistake. Because I didn't want the waxing to hurt, I applied body lotion on my legs a couple of hours before I did the waxing and as such, the wax did not stick to my legs very well. On the upside it did not hurt, but I just did not get anywhere. I should have read the instructions better because they clearly state that your legs need to be free of any moisturisers in order for this to work.
My second go was better but I found that it was harder to get the wax out of the device. Even though I had wiped off the wax on the roll-on after last use, it seemed like the roller was a little stuck. After I jigged the roll-on wheel a little it worked a lot better. I found that the wax that is rolled out is a little too thin so I re-applied twice to get it a little thicker and this made the hair-removal a lot more effective. The pain isn't bad at all because it happens so quickly. All I did was to roll the wax from knee towards ankle, apply a wax strip, press it downwards and then pull it upwards to get the wax off. I do wish that there would be more depilatory wipes included because they are fantastic at both removing excess wax as well as cooling down the area.

I couldn't get a completely even result on my legs because I don't have the technique down pat although I am getting better at it every time! If you are worried about the pain I would recommend to keep a big glass of cold water next to you so you can have a drink to wash it away. After I was finished waxing I applied some body lotion and as I checked my legs after a few hours there was no redness or irritation.

What I like about the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit is that it is very user friendly, the instructions are fantastic and the evenly heated wax really works well. The design is also beautiful!

What I would like improved would be more wipes and waxing strips included, although they are available for purchase seperately. I also wasn't a fan of the roll-on being stuck on the second go altough I guess these things can happen. I wouldn't mind having someone else doing the waxing for me but it is easy enough to create a salon-environment at home with scented candles and some relaxing music.

I'm sure as my waxing skills improve I will get better at doing this and I am also interested in trying the smaller cartridge for underarms and bikini line. Saving money on doing hair removal yourself in time for summer means more money for new bikinis and beach side cocktails. A girl can dream right?

Have you tried waxing at home? Do you like the idea of an electrical kit? Any waxing tips?

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This product was provided for review. Please see my disclosure policy here.


  1. This really scares me. I shave my legs and underarms, but get my bikini and eyebrows waxed by a professional as I am too scared to do it myself. Looks like an interesting kit though.

    1. Haha, it's not scary at all:) This kit makes it a lot easier, I promise X

  2. My mum's a beautician so I've always just got my legs done by her (or I epilate if she's too busy!). Hmm tips... Um these are off the top of my head:
    1. Rip away the strip QUICKLY and use small strips at first if you're scared of the pain
    2. Do it before a shower so you can just rinse off the left over wax with soap later. Those wipes are unnecessary. Soap and water will do the job!
    3. Pat (like just rest your hand on it) down on the area immediately after waxing if you've sensitive because it will seriously reduce the pain.
    4. Pain gets way better over time because the hairs are finer and fewer so it won't be like yanking out a huge thick hair! Haha. Waxing my legs is like a breeze now. Just keep in mind that hairs need to be a certain length before waxing or else you're not going to pick up anything.
    5. ALWAYS apply moisturizer to legs after waxing. For underarms etc you can use a good antiseptic because those areas can be especially sensitive :)

    1. Hi Jess,

      Thank you so much for your fabulous advice! I really appreciate it. I'll make sure to bookmark them for the next time. It does say on the instructions that you can't wash the wax off with water and soap, it has to be with the wipes but maybe it isn't true? I do like the idea of the pain getting better X


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