Three Cleansers, Two Exfoliants, One Dry Shampoo

Trying out new skin care is always good fun and I am always on the hunt for the next best cleanser. I have used the two Biore cleansers for a few weeks and I must say the release cleanser is my favourite. It has SteamActiv beads which is released and works best in the shower when the steam is rising. The beads are great fun and the cleanser is infused with mint so it is really refreshing. The pump-bottle is also super practical and my face feels pleasantly clean afterwards. The clean things up cleanser is a gel cleanser with quite a masculine scent. It does the job of cleansing very well, there is never any makeup left over afterwards. However, the cleanser promises to remove even the most stubborn makeup (even around the eyes), but it stings like a bee around the eye area. Super sting! For that reason I can't keep using it because even if I avoid the eye area, when I wash of the cleanser there is still a chance my eyes are caught in the middle. I will keep using the release cleanser because it is fantastic. As a side note I saw on the Biore facebook page that they will be changing their packaging to white and blue which I think is a little bit of a shame since the green packaging is so unique and such a standout. Then again, new packaging doesn't mean that the products are compromised and I am sure we will get used to it soon enough.

Then there are the natural options, Kosmea's daily facial exfoliant and purifying cream cleanser. Both are infused with rose hips and other beautiful ingredients. The exfoliant is too grainy for me and a little too spread out. It's perfect for sensitive skin, but I am just not getting the results I want out of it. I prefer smaller and more clustered grains. The cleanser on the other hand is absolutely wonderful and leaves my skin both clean and balanced. It also smells like I'm having a facial every time I use it so it brings back good memories.
I was recently lucky enough to win a Toni&Guy hair pack from LifeStyled which is one of my favourite reads. One of the products I received was the Dry Shampoo which actually smells great and that's unusual for a dry shampoo. As a dry shampoo connoisseur (at the last count I had eight), I was really looking forward to trying this but as much as I love the packaging and the big size, it has disappointed me somewhat. The Dry Shampoo does a fantastic job in creating volume and cleaning up not so clean hair, but it leaves white stuff behind so it looks like I have dandruff. I don't like it when dry shampoo leaves traces because after all it defeats the purpose of having clean-looking hair.

Another exfoliant I have tried is ExfoliKate from Kate Somerville. I love a good pun, and ExfoliKate does not disappoint. I use it as a mask instead of a quick exfoliant and leave the green goo on for ten minutes. The grains are the perfect size for me and Vitamin E brightens up my face. This tiny sample has lasted me through four applications and I have decided that I really want to buy it. The $75 price tag does not excite me so, but good skincare is worth paying for.
Because it is Friday, and you have earnt a treat, may I suggest some Pretzel m&m's if you can get your hands on them? They are the perfect combination of salty and sweet and are slightly addictive. If you can't get them then you can make your own by combining plain m&m's and pretzels in a bowl and dig in. You're welcome.

 I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Have you tried some exciting skin care lately? Do you have a favourite dry shampoo? 

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  1. i am in a hunt for a dry shampoo but have seen only Tony&Guy and Lush dry shampoos here :(

    1. I haven't tried a Lush dry shampoo but I'm sure it would be fantastic. Let me know how you go:) X

  2. I really like biore cleansers too. I'm using a kate somerville cleanser at the moment and love it. I want to try out the exfoliator but already have a few I need to use first before buying a new one xo

    1. I actually have a sample of the Kate Somerville cleanser but I just haven't had a chance to try it yet. Will do this morning:) X

  3. Great review - thanks! I am mostly excited about the M&M pretzels. This has reminded me of your sugar cleanse - how did that go? xo

    1. Haha yes the pretzels! It actually went really well because I have made some great changes in my diet. For instance, I only eat full cream dairy products (less sugar), I only eat when I'm hungry, and treats are only for treats not all day every day. It helps that I am not working shift work any more because that was really bad for my diet. I couldn't cut out sugar completely because it's just too hard. How can you resist a freshly baked brownie? I know I can't X


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