New Purchase: Benefit

I really like Benefit products, and I usually do a haul once a year from their US website as international shipping is free for orders over $125. Usually I add more things than needed to my cart and then do the hard yards adjusting it down. This time I ended up spending $138 which was perfectly reasonable for an annual haul. I ordered my items on 15th July, they were shipped on 17th July and I recevied them on 3rd August.

My items arrived perfectly safe in a box filled with gorgeous tissue paper. I ordered a mix of things I've tried and new items. It's always fun to try new future favourites.
The Benefit orders always arrive with two complimentary samples and you can pick them out of a choice of four. This time I chose Hoola which is a bronzing powder and a sachet of Total Moisture facial cream.
I bought a new brow kit and I have lusted after Brows a-go-go for a long time. It cost $38 and will be worth every cent. I really like that it comes with wax, powders, highlighters, a mirror, a pencil, tweezers and a brush. What more can you need? The retro design is also beautiful!
Benefit also recently launched lip glosses to match their box-a-powders. I went for the Sugarbomb combination and I can't wait to use the Ultra Plush gloss whilst having matching Sugarbombed cheeks. The lip gloss was $16 and the bronzer/blush was $28. You can also spy our plant, Freddy Frank in the mirror. He doesn't get enough care and attention, yet he thrives in his verandah environment.
Then there is my ABSOLUTE favourite. Eye bright is absolutely beautiful, a pink eyeliner for your lash line. Whenever I wear this I just seem so much more awake and combined with a nice bronzer it just gives a great glow which looks fantastic in pictures. Eye bright costs $37 in Australian stores but I got it for $20.
And lucky last, the beautiful and newly released Eye Wanna! which is a stunning palette. It is a described as a 'scene-steeling eyeshadow kit' and I have to agree. It has five eye shadows and cost $36.
More excitingly for you, Eye Wanna! will feature in the giveaway for when we reach 100 likes on our facebook page. This is the perfect kit for getting out of your comfort zone, trying new shades and getting a new look.
So this is my Benefit haul and I was very excited to receive my goodies. Unfortunately there is a massive discrepancy between American and Australian beauty prices and it is therefore great when brands facilitate international shipping without a problem. I wish Bobbi Brown would do the same.

Are you a Benefit fan? Do you like the idea of a matching gloss and bronzer?

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  1. I've never owned a Benefit product, but have always wanted the Eye Bright Liner. My Bro and SIL went to the US recently and I got them to to get me some make up and a Kindle - I just can't believe how different prices are overseas.

    1. The Eye bright is outstanding. I am sure there are similar ones out there though, as long as you go for pink over white as a brightener. The US is super cheap, it's amazing! I'm excited you have a KIndle now, let me know what you think X


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