L'Oreal Nail Colour in Boozy Brunch

Orange is such a happy colour and I have always wanted the perfect tangerine polish. I used to love the more coral MOD-ern Girl from OPI but I managed to break two bottles and took this as a sign that it was not meant to be. Boozy Brunch from L'Oreal is the perfect replacement.
I applied two coats of Boozy Brunch and got a beautiful neon-y orange which just stands out so well. This is definitely my new favourite bright colour. After all, you can't go wrong with orange.
I also had to match Boozy Brunch to my Hermes box and although it was a little bright, I think they looked good together.
Seeing as the weather is quite miserable out there it's nice to have some bright digits to make the day a little shinier. It's like a tangerine dream!

Do you like the colour orange? Do you like a pop of neon?

Xx I


  1. I adore the orangy-reddy-corally nail polishes - perfect for a dark, doomy winter!

    1. As usual you are spot on Alison. It brightens up everything! X


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