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Lately I have been having a love affair with lipsticks but I have to say, the lip gloss is back and it's back with a vengeance. Everything is so much glossier, shinier and full of glitter. It's fun and super easy, because lip gloss is very low maintenance. No need for a lipliner or a mirror. The Luxury Glosses from SHE are free from parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and other nasties. They are also infused with soothing ingredients like calendula oil, Vitamin E and orange essential oil.

The shades I have is Champagne Gold and Cashmere Coral. There are four other shades available including Lace Pink, Suede Pink, Satin Rose and Byzantine Bronze. Beautiful names and gorgeous colours! The texture is nice and moisturising and my lips did not get dry at all. The Luxury Glosses retail for $14.95 so they won't break the bank.
Champagne Gold is a nice nude shade. It is perfect as a gloss on its own or you can layer it over a lippy to create a custom shade. The shine is stunning as you can see from my not-so hilarious Photo Booth session. That program is pretty addictive!
As the close-up shows it's super-glittery and it almost feels like I am wearing gold on my lips. The lids on the glosses are so shiny that you can use them as a mirror for when you are on the go. This is winning stuff!
 I think Cashmere Coral is my favourite shade. It's so decadent, and if you layer it on the colour gets nice and strong. It's a statement-worthy shade but it's also very warm at the same time.
As usual, I would recommend not applying gloss before you go outside with your hair down as the wind will bring your hair to your lips. Learn from my mistakes beautiful people. After all, I grew up in Norway's windiest city so I have lot's of experience in this area.

Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick? Fan of natural products? Have you tried Photo Booth?

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This product was sent to me for consideration. Please see my disclosure policy here.


  1. It depends on my mood whether I use a gloss or a lipstick. I do love my Revlon Colorburst lipglosses, they are a lovely formula and LAST. They are a it exxy though, I might give these a go. They look gorgeous and the more natural they are the better! x

    1. So true Chelsea, it's a mood thing. I find gloss is always easier so for me it is a little about convenience too. I haven't tried the Colorburst glosses but I love their lippys. I don't think SHE will disappoint you because the gloss is beautiful and moisturising. And super shiny X

  2. I prefer a gloss over a lipstick as I feel like lipstick is too bold and overt the top for me. Nothing beats a snazzy gloss!!

    1. Gloss is so fab, I have to agree with you. It's so easy too X

  3. Great choice of colors! love it!
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