Hello Darling Wednesday on a Wednesday

I am a big fan of Wednesday. In fact it is the favourite day of my week and in Norway we call it Little Saturday. This is obviously because a vino or two is allowed and Friday is almost here. Another reason I love Wednesday is because I was born on a Wednesday. As was my dad, sister and brother. I'm sensing a theme here! Then there is my favourite movie character from childhood, Wednesday Addams. She is fabulous and I still rate The Addams Family as one of my favourite movies.
Naturally, when I saw Wednesday from Hello Darling, I simply had to have it. I wondered if there was room for yet another pink polish in my collection and Wednesday has proved that there is. Hello Darling has also recently launched a collection of Rockcandy which will give you incredibly statement-worthy nails. Think along the lines of fairybread, but it's on your nails. There are ten shades to choose from and my favourite picks include Faberge Delight, Sugar Coma and Valentine's (Every)Day.

Wednesday is described as a bright pink creme and I totally agree. It is really neon and on-trend which is perfect for grey days. I also only needed one coat which is always a bonus.
I am stopping traffic with my digits and loving the pink. It is also the perfect accessory to the Fox in Flats Denim Dare I am currently doing.

What is your favourite day of the week? Thoughts on the neon pink? Craving some Rockcandy?

Xx I


  1. There is ALWAYS more room for another pink shade! I love this one - certainly eye catching! My favourite day of the week is a Friday afternoon/night....there's a feeling in the air and a sleep in to come...x

    1. I tend to agree! Fridays are fantastic X

  2. That colour is just wonderful!! Your mani looks so perfect too :)
    I don't have a fave day of the week at the moment as all the days seem to be the same around here for the time being! But I used to love a lazy Sunday xx

    1. Thank you Donna, I have a lot of practice with nail polish by now:)

      Lazy Sundays are right down my alley, just so nice X


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