Denim Dare

It was time for another dare, and this time it was a Denim Dare created by the amazing ladies from Fox in Flats and Shop me Chic. The challenge was to wear denim from sundown to sunrise. It may not sound very hard but it was a little difficult because as much as I love denim, I don't wear it every day since I like to wear dresses too and I don't own a denim dress. Yet. This is how I went. Just quietly, I think you'll be able to figure out which day I had a photographer. Taking pictures of your jeans whilst wearing them is a little harder than I thought it would be.

Day 1: Red jeans from Forever New

Day 2: H&M jeans and some socks my nanna knitted for me.

Day 3: A Lee skirt.

Day 4: Blue jeans from Forever New and berry Wuggs from Wittner.

Day 5: Sass & Bide jeans and yellow ASOS flats. They are so soft it's like walking on air.

Day 6: Coral jeans from Forever New and green Havaiianas.

Day 7: H&M jeans and Nude heels. Just a little bit fancy.

This challenge was another fun one and I have been inspired to wear my jeans a little differently. I am also on the hunt for the perfect denim dress so please let me know if you have any good tips.

How do you feel about denim? Which style is your favourite?

Xx I

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  1. I really enjoyed #denimdare too, sad it's over already!

  2. Was lots of fun, you had a great shot at it. Will keep my eyes peeled for a denim dress!!

    Lou x

    1. Thank you Lou, and yes - would love a denim dress tip X

  3. The denim dare was so much fun but definitely a challenge! Especially as it has been so cold, I wore jeans six out of the seven days (but managed to squeeze in one pair of shorts).

    Good luck with your denim dress hunt. The Shop Me Chic team will keep our eyes peeled! x

    1. So much fun Melinda, and thank you to you and Sonia for organising it with Andrea. I did jeans most days too, but am looking forward to warmer weather. Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled X


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