A Celebratory Purchase: Miu Miu

I'm sure we all have that 'thing'. That thing that makes you hand over your money before you have time to blink. My thing is definitely handbags. I just love them and I never have to worry about whether they are the right size or if they are the right fit because I know they will be. I also like to buy a bag if I am celebrating something but usually any excuse will do. I have a lot of cheap handbags and am also building up a collection of investment purchases. The bags that I know I will have for a long time because they have great quality, they are being cared for, are from a strong brand and have a story behind them. This was a celebratory purchase by the way.
Net-a-porter is one of the stores I occasionally browse when I want to see which new bags have been released and whether there is anything I want. Usually I want everything so it can be hard to narrow it down but this time I ended up with a navy treasure. Net-a-porter are quick when it comes to dispatch, and my bag was sent out on the same day it was purchased which was last Tuesday. On Monday morning it was here. Another bonus that sealed the deal was that they had free shipping for Asia Pacific until 3rd August. 20 pounds saved is 30 dollars in my pocket.

I really like Miu Miu, and it was no surprise that I ended up with a croc-effect patent-leather clutch from them. Navy is such a gorgeous shade and it will make a welcome addition to many outfits. The size of the clutch is 20cm wide and 28cm high which is perfect because I can fill it up without worrying about running out of space.
I also had to paint my nails to match my new bag. I used Russian Navy from OPI on the digits and it was a fabulous result. Here we are in outside lighting.
Inside lighting. This clutch is so different from anything I've ever owned and I really like that. Change is good. I really believe it.
The reason for my celebratory purchase? I have a new job. More details to come but I am learning LOTS and absolutely loving it. Life is really good right now.

What is your 'thing'? Do you do celebratory purchases? Thoughts on Russian Navy?

Xx I


  1. ooh congrats on the new job! and that bag is gorgeous!!! I miss buying new things.

  2. I love your handbag! And Congrats on your new job Ingrid!!!

  3. Love the bag!! Super cute. Congrats on the new job too :)

    I tend to splurge on new make up and expensive food treats from the DJs food hall or local deli ;) I think everyone has their thing!!

    1. Thank you Emily:)

      New makeup is a great thinig to splurge on! Food treats are also fantastic X

  4. CONGRATS HUN!!! I can't wait to find out all about it xo

  5. I can justify pretty much anything, but handbags are my weakness too! X

    Love that it's navy. So much classier than black. X

    1. Absolutely! Love handbags.

      Navy is my new favourite. So pretty X

  6. Oooh congrats on the new job - can't wait to hear about it! Loving the new purchase also - so beautiful x


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