Two Casual Outfits

Since my four weddings and a christening post was so popular, I have decided to do another outfit post. In my previous job I had to wear a suit and it was always a treat to dress up on days off because you can wear whatever you want and nobody can stop you. An although I was always perfectly groomed at work, I never won that grooming award which I think we can agree is an absolute outrage! My old boss confided in me that he kept nominating me for the award but he was told I had already won it. Which is so not true, but I digress.

Now that I don't have suit restrictions I am enjoying it even more because every day is either a dress-up or dress-down day. Last weekend was one of those nice relaxing weekends and it involved a bit of shopping, catching up with family and getting some much needed rest. I wore my Wittner Georgetta boots and everything else sort of came together. The weather was sunny, raining and cold all at the same time. Sydney does love to put on a show of four seasons in a day.
Here I am wearing my Spell Byron Bay scarf and a Rubi bag in a perfect size to hid an iPad in for a grand total of $10. The leather jacket was one of those sale finds in Just Jeans for $99 (down from $299) and the sweater is a Witchery find from Vinnies. The jeans are from Lee and are actually cropped 7/8 jeans for tall people which means that they are a perfect length for my short legs.

I am wearing my favourite scarf here and it was a birthday gift from my BFF Linn. She loves scarves so for her to give me one it is an even better gift, because she could have added it to her bulging collection. It also suits the mustard trend to a T and is from Beck Sondergaard. The bag is a mustard find from Sportsgirl and it cost $29.99. The coat is an old Barkins number and I do my best to keep it white but it is very difficult. The coral jeans are my favourite and they are from Forever New and bought in New Zealand.

What do you like to wear on your days off? What's the weather like in your city?

Happy Friday Xxx


  1. Both outfits are lovely, looking gorgeous doll xx


  2. Nice outfits! I love you scarfs and the way you wear them!

  3. Aww very cute! your style is very chic! I'm very jealous that you can pull off both dark and light colours >.< haha xxx

    1. Thank you for a fantastic compliment, I love it:) xx

  4. I love the first outfit. especially that scarf!!

  5. You look gorgeous, as always! I am a huge fan of your coral jeans - you look great in them. I also love your scarves. I am rocking similar outfits to you right now - slim jeans/pants and long/er tops with big jackets. Our cities are similar in their temperatures....but I think we're a tad colder x

    1. Thank you Alison! I would wear the corals every day if I could. I also think Melbs is slightly colder Xx


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